ULLR Foundation
Memorial Gifts


Updated 07/14/2017


This is a generous way to express your sympathy and also contribute to worthy causes.

The Foundation received the following contributions as memorials:
(listed in reverse chronological order)



Karen Oakland's Mother

 May 2017


Ray Wilkinson

 April 2017


Allie Kalish

 April 2017


Joe Schwebel's Brother

 April 2017


Nancy Keyes' Mother

January 2017



Michael Bauer

November 2016


Manfred Deutsch

October 2016


Bill Handsaker

August 2016


Dave Lyons

August 2016


John C. Nelson

July 2016


Tom Larkin

June 2016


Jim Brandt

March 2016


Howard "Sam" Leppla

February 2016



Gary De Well

September 2015


Joyce Krake's Mother

August 2015


Kay Sommers

July 2015



Rita Crawford

November 2014


Sylvia Scott

August 2014


Mary Holisak's Son

April 2014


Nancy Keyes' Father

January 2014



Rick Nesbitt's Daughter-In-Law

October 2013


Pat DeMarais-Vogt

September 2013


Gene Prietzel

June 2013


George Halder

January 2013


Bill Handsaker's Sister

January 2013



Jan Hoffman

October 2012


Marlin (Erl) Erlandson

August 2012


Ted Martin

May 2012


John Medlo

April 2012



Charlotte Navratil's Mother

December 2011


Damaris Frank's Mother

May 2011


Gail West's Father

February 2011



Dave Schave

November 2010


Val Lyon

February 2010



Jan Butler's Mother

November 2009


Gus Bjorklund's Brother

August 2009


Patty Fitzgerald's Sister

July 2009


Bobbi Ciesinski

May 2009


Wally Krake

April 2009


Barb Kemmer's Mother

February 2009



Brian Johnson's Mother



Fred Kane

July 2008


Karen Clarke's Parents

June 2008


Len Colson

January 2008



Paula Meserve's Son

July 2007


Blaine Totman

May 2007


Skip Skinner

April 2007


Don Sommers

February 2007



Jane Brenny

October 2006


Jimmy Johnston

August 2006


Jeff Fischer's Mother

July 2006


Barb Kolbe's Mother

July 2006


Paula Meserve's Brother

May 2006


Dianne Evert's Mother

January 2006


Marty Wilkes' Mother

January 2006



Janice Hotvedt's Daughter & Grandaughter

March 2005


Joan Roe's Mother

March 2005


Charlie Scott

January 2005



Joan Schilling

November 2004


Joanne Archerd's Mother

July 2004


Keith Nelson

July 2004


John Wald

July 2004


Dick Dinneen

April 2004


Karen Holmquist's Father

April 2004


Sharon Kane's Mother




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