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Sharon Haas-Worthley

(formerly Sharon Johnson) 

December 13, 2020



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Sharon Haas-Worthley
???? - December 13, 2020

There was no obituary published, and date of birth could not be ascertained.
The information below is copied from the Caring Bridge website.
  Journal Entry by Rob And Paula Haas — December 13, 2020
It is with great sadness to say Sharon passed away very peacefully at 8:57 pm Sunday night December 13th.  She is in heaven able to walk and eat what she wants it’s truly our loss not to have here with us but we know her pain is gone and she is having a family reunion in heaven.  Thank you everyone for your prayers and support we truly appreciate all of them.
<Oct 26 to Dec 12 journal entries deleted>
Journal Entry by Rob And Paula Haas — October 25, 2020
Sharon had an appointment last week at the UofM to see how she is progressing. The ALS is progressing very very very fast and she was given 12 months.  Sharon's speech is degrading has lost most of movement in her left side and is now starting to feel her right side going.  Many good things are happening to help her get around and move.  She has had her driveway finished down to her door and cement laid around the house so can drive her little mobile go cart.  Chair to lift up the steps to her kitchen and dinning room.  A chair to help raise her.  But the biggest thing she is so happy for is they got a brand new van that she can drive right into and be in the front of the vehicle she is so excited now she can go to more places with greater ease.
Journal Entry by Rob And Paula Haas — October 25, 2020
Sharon was recently diagnosed with ALS back in April/May a very tuff disease as you all can imagine not an easy one to take.  This has shocked our family to the core even bringing out denial and many tears ( theres no way Sharon could have this) many appointments later with 2nd and even 3rd opinions with many different doctors we had confirmed that she did have ALS.  Sharon has a long hard battle in front of her this will not be easy from here on out .  We are looking to keep everyone informed as you know shes a fighter and never gives up and won’t stop searching until she finds a cure!  This is a very fast moving disease.  Sharon has found hope with a doctor down in Mankato MN that works with ALS and stem cell research that their having much success with.  This was a great find, for ALS is fast moving and the sooner we can get her in for the treatment the better chance we have of Sharon staying with us longer and more healthy of a life.
Sharon has her 3 wonderful daughters Shelly, Kerry and Jenny and their great husbands Brad, Jim and Bryan and all their childern (Sharon's pride and joys of her life) Weston, Callie, Mackenzie, Matthew, Dylan, Madeline, Mitchell and Breanna.  You can ask anyone and she will tell you her grandchildren are her life, she loves going to anything that has to do with them.  Sharon very much wants to see them grow, graduate from high school, college, marriage, and maybe even kids of their own someday.
Sharon is married to her husband Tom who has health issues of his own which makes it hard to do everything he can to help.  Sharon also has 2 brothers, 1 sister, and many nieces, nephews and great nieces, nephews and all the great friends who love her dearly and want to see her win this battle against ALS
So much love, so much hope please help Sharon with anything prayers, thoughts, love, visits, phone calls, physical and mental support (more to follow on helping) I know we're in hard times and we as a whole family greatly appreciate everything you do for Sharon at her time of great need.    



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