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Joe Schwebel

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Jan Cady
   What We Do     


The ULLR Foundation is the philanthropic division of the ULLR Ski, Bike & Social Club.  Its mission is to raise money to provide equipment and promote participation in skiing, biking, and other sports for physically and mentally challenged individuals of all ages.

The ULLR Foundation Board reports through the ULLR Ski, Bike & Social Club Board, and its members include all ULLR members.  The success of the ULLR Foundation's fundraising activities is largely based on the participation of all ski club members.  A number of organizations such as Courage Center, Hennepin Parks Handicap Program, Hearing Impaired ski programs, and Wilderness Inquiry have benefited from ULLR Foundation funds.

The ULLR Foundation raises charitable donations through various functions sponsored by the ULLR Ski, Bike & Social Club.  Participation in Foundation Dinners, selling MN PGA Golf Cards and Happenings Books, consumer testing programs, and bingo and auction events are some of our current fund raising efforts.  Board members welcome input and suggestions about fundraising efforts.

Memorial donations to the Foundation are much appreciated.  This is a fine way to remember our club friends, as well as other friends and relatives.  Honoring someone on Special Occasions, such as birthdays, with a gift to the Foundation is a worthwhile, generous way to show your appreciation for that person, as well as helping the lives of others.  Donations are a special way to honor or show appreciation for someone at any time.  For those who may want to give cash or check donations, there will be a Foundation Donation Box at the sign-in table at ULLR general meetings and What's Cookin' events.  Donations are tax deductible.

The ULLR Foundation's Board membership consists of 12 to 17 interested ULLR members who serve for an average of 3 years.  Board member responsibilities include attendance at ULLR Foundation Board meetings, attendance at regular ULLR meetings, and, most importantly, participation in Foundation fundraising events.  Following the normal 3-year term, a Board member can choose to extend for as long as they wish.

If you are interested in becoming an ULLR Foundation Board member, please contact any current Board member (see listing below).  We welcome your interest in serving on the Board, and look forward to hearing from you.


   Who We Are     


Foundation Officers

President: Jerry Weiskopf
Vice President: (open)

Past President: Joan Roe
Secretary: Pam Anderson
Treasurer: Joe Schwebel
Ex-Officio: Patty Fitzgerald


Foundation Members

Carol Bush

Jan Cady

Sally Chevalier

Lorri Christenson

Nancy Kastner

Nancy Keyes

Jim Maiser

Jan Stalpes

Char Strand