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Alan Moore

March 17, 2023


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Alan Carroll Moore 
July 28, 1937 - March 17, 2023


With great saddness.   
My friend, my lover, my life companion Alan Moore had a stroke last Wednesday and passed away Friday evening.
Charlotte Navratil

As Posted on the ULLRnet March 19, 2023

Alan was a long-time ULLR member, remaining active to the end. A grateful club awarded Alan the ULLR of the year in 1993. He was the ULLR president from 1993- 1994 (a year after Charlotte Navratil had that position. Yes, they were one of the happy ULLR-connected couples.) Alan enjoyed skiing, biking and camping. In 1995 he organized a “fun race” at Wild Mountain for 23 Ullrs where he also was a winner. In 1997 he and Charlotte were leaders for the Paul Bunyon September weekend trip. For many years they invited bikers to come for the day and bike near their home in Silver Lake. In 1998 he became the Nullr editor when the newsletter was laid out via “cut and paste.” For many years, Alan was the ULLR Club historian. He will be missed! The Club sends its condolences to Charlotte as she mourns the loss of her “friend, her lover, her life companion”, and to their extended families.

From an article in the May, 2023 NULLR


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