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December 13, 2021Membership Directory Folding Party
Nancy Sand
Jan Butler
December 05, 2021ULLR Holiday Party
Ellise Lamb
Jan Swanberg
Diane Erlandson
November 15, 2021Murphy-Hanrehan Park Hike
Nancy Sand
November 04, 2021Nine Mile Creek Hike
Linda Heintz
November 01, 2021Lebanon Hills Hike
Linda Heintz
October 02, 2021Flandreau State Park Hike & Oktoberfest
Karen Holmquist
September 24, 2021Lakewood Cemetery Hike
Linda Heintz
September 15, 2021Red Wing Barn Bluff Hike
Barb Kolbe
Kyle McClintick
August 29, 2021ULLR 70th+1 Anniversary Celebration
Jan Swanberg
Joan Roe
July 31, 2021Silver Lake Bike Ride & Potluck Social
Charlotte Navratil
Alan Moore
July 01, 2021North Minneapolis Trails Ride
Kate Casserly
June 14, 2021Cannon Valley Trail Ride
Sharon Marini
Ken Marini
June 01-04, 2021Good Ol' Days Nisswa Trip
Sharon Marini
Patty Fitzgerald
May 14, 2021Crosby Farm Hike
Nancy Sand
May 10, 2021Terrace Oaks Park Hike
Nancy Sand
May 03, 2021Roseville Central Park Hike
Barb Kolbe
Kyle McClintick
April 14, 2021Tamarack Nature Center Hike
Karen Holmquist
April 08, 2021General Meeting, 2021 Officers Election, 2020 Awards
Executive VP
March 17, 2021Bachman's Idea House Tour
Barb Kolbe
Kyle McClintick
February 20, 2021Elm Creek Regional Park Hike/Snowshoe
Jim Habeck
February 02, 2021Theodore Wirth Park Hike to find Zug Zug
Barb Kolbe
Kyle McClintick
January 25, 20211st Buck Hill Downhill Skiing Meet
No Host
January 19, 2021Richardson Nature Center Hike/SS
Sharon Marini
January 13, 20211st Afton Alps Downhill Skiing Meet
No Host
January 07, 20211st Welch Village Downhill Skiing Meet
No Host
January 04, 2021Cleary Lake Regional Park Snowshoeing
Nancy Sand
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