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ULLR Ski, Bike & Social Club has an Ullr-Info email distribution list which is used only for ULLR Officers and event coordinators to send official club announcements (appeals for volunteers for club activities, event schedule changes, etc.) to members that want to receive such messages. 


Only important club announcements are sent to Ullr-Info; no personal or commercial messages.  

All messages sent out by the list are approved by the ULLR Board of Directors.


It cannot be used for junk email (A.K.A. SPAM), as it is originator- & password-protected (a GNU Mailman moderated list for any techies out there).  It cannot be used to spread viruses or Internet worms, as it is Text-Only and does not allow attachments.


As of 05/24/2018, 204 members receive Ullr-Info announcements, out of 213 members (96%).  The addresses were obtained from the ULLR Ski, Bike & Social Club membership registration forms, and from ULLR Directory member updates.


Daily messages from the list may be received as they occur, or in a Daily Digest (1 Summary message per day instead of possible multiple individual messages).


If you believe that you are not on the distribution list and want to be added, or used to be on the list and are no longer receiving announcements, send an email to webster@ullr.org, indicating that you wish to be added to the list.  You must be a current paid-up ULLR Ski, Bike & Social Club member to be on the list.  Please include your real name, as well as the email address where you wish to receive the messages.


The Ullr-Info email list is not intended to replace the long-established ULLRnet email list run by Fran DeWell and Mary Jane Hochstein.  ULLRnet caters to messages of a more personal nature (illnesses, significant birthdays, parties, retirements, deaths, etc).  If you would like more information on the ULLRnet email service or would like to be added to the list, email them at ULLRnet@ullr.org.