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January 31 - February 02, 2017


Wausau, WI


Granite Peak Ski Trip

Coordinator: Nancy Sand

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Photos by:

Nancy Sand

  Stoney Creek Inn  
Back: Karen H, Mary Ellen G, John V,
Sharon M, Jerry S, Barb K, Eldon K,
Joella W, Craig N
Front: Sally C, Judy B, Ken M,
Trip Chair Nancy S, Nancy N
      Barb K, Judy B, Mary Ellen G, Sally C, Joella W

  Nine Mile Forest
Sally C, Judy B, Sharon M, Karen H,
Joella W, John V, Mary Ellen G,
Bruce W, Nancy N, Craig N, Barb K, Pat N
   Nancy N, Craig N, Karen H
John V, Bruce W, Craig N
  Joella W, Nancy N, Mary Ellen G,
Karen H, Sharon M, Barb K, Sally C,
Trip Chair Nancy S
 Joella W, Sharon M, Sally C, Mary Ellen G
Mary Ellen G, Bruce W   Judy B, Pat N


  Granite Peak
 Photo by Jerry Schuster
Craig N, Nancy N, John V,
Trip Chair Nancy S
   Bruce W, Ken M, Eldon K

Karen H, Barb K,
Mary Ellen G, Joella W, John V
 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum Craig N, Nancy N

Pat N   Judy B, Sally C

On Monday, January 30, central Wisconsin was blanketed with several inches of fresh snow.  The next day sixteen ULLRs drove to Wausau to play in that new snow, and play they did!
On Tuesday, Jerry S. and Eldon K. chose to downhill on fresh ungroomed snow.  The other fourteen ULLRs met for lunch at an IHOP and then enjoyed the trails at Nine Mile Forest for a couple of hours.  Judy B. and Pat N. cross-country skied on freshly groomed tracks.  Bruce W. and John V. assumed the role of point team leading others on ungroomed snowshoe trails.  At times we wondered if those two had any idea of where we were in the park, but they eventually managed to lead us back to the chalet.  ULLRs are very trusting!
After checking in at the Stoney Creek Inn, some soaked in the hot tub to ease sore muscles, and later all met for a welcome pizza party.  The fresh snow had everyone smiling!  The rest of the evening was spent visiting and sharing stories, while some played a rousing game of Farkle.  Trip Chair Nancy S. finally outscored Sally C. to have the winning total points.
Wednesday morning six went back to Nine Mile for more cross-country and snowshoe adventures.  Ten happily downhill skied on groomed trails at Granite Peak.  This was the first Wausau trip for Nancy and Craig N.  Trip Chair Nancy S. and John V. served as personal Granite Peak tour guides for Nancy and Craig.
Later that evening, we met for a group photo in the hotel lobby.  Perhaps the reason for everyone being on time for the photo was that we were starved after having such a good time playing in the snow all day and were anxious to get to the Great Dane restaurant for dinner.
While waiting for our dinners and beverages to be served, Bruce W. led us with some ULLR survey questions.  Here is what we learned about the sixteen of us who came to Wausau on this trip:
►We have enjoyed winter outdoor activities in five countries:  US, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, and Norway.
►We have downhill skied, cross-country skied, snowshoed, snowboarded, and snowskated in eighteen states: AK,CA, CO, ID, ME, MI, MN, MT, ND, NM, NV, NY, OR, UT, VT, WA, WI, and WY.
► Many in the group said they have done winter activities in more than 40 different places.  Bruce W reported the highest number at 58 different places.
►Collectively we have been ULLR members for 303 years with Barb K. having been a member for the longest at 47 years and with Craig and Nancy N. as our newest members for one year.
►Nancy N. was our youngest member who did not qualify for a “senior” ticket price and John V. met the age to ski free at Granite Peak.
While Thursday morning dawned with beautiful tempting bright sun, the wind chill temperature was about -18 with little hope for much improvement during the day.  We know ULLRs are hardy people who generally do not shy away from extreme conditions, but ULLRs also are independent thinkers who choose whether or not to brave the cold and wind.  Ken and Sharon M. dressed for the weather and headed to ski for a while at Granite Peak.  The rest said they already had two wonderful days outside and chose, before heading back home, to spend a couple hours inside at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum viewing Wyeth and Audubon bird art and a special Tiffany Glass exhibit.  The glass lamp shades and windows were spectacular!
Wausau 2017 was another great trip with ULLR friends!


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Updated 02/05/2017