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Document Title
Issue & Date Form # File Format
Financial Forms                                                                               

ULLR Financial Guide

(Read This First)

Iss. 2, Jun 2008 UC000 PDF DOC     
Event Budget Iss. 10, Jan 2016 UC001 PDF     XLS
Comments On Event Iss. 2, Aug 2004 UC002 PDF DOC    
Check Request - Administrative Iss. 4, Oct 2004 UC003 PDF DOC    
Reconciliation: Event Expense Iss. 5a, Oct 2004 UC004 PDF     XLS
Reconciliation: Event Revenue Iss. 4a, Aug 2004 UC005 PDF     XLS
Check Request - Event Iss. 3, Aug 2004 UC006 PDF DOC    
Event Informational Worksheet Iss. 3, Feb 2005 UC007 PDF DOC    
General Meeting Report Iss. 2, Mar 2005 UC008 PDF     XLS
What's Cookin' Event Report Iss. 4, Jun 2009 UC009 PDF     XLS
Event Signup List Iss. 8c, May 2007 UC010 PDF     XLS
Event Signup Information Iss. 2c, Jun 2008 UC011 PDF DOC    
Administrative Forms                          
Membership Application/Renewal Iss. 9, Apr 2012 UC021 PDF DOC    
Event Waiver & Signup List Iss. 4, Jun 2007 UC023 PDF DOC    
Non-Member Waiver Iss. 1, Feb 2005 UC024 PDF DOC    
Guest & New Member Sign-In Sheet Iss. 1, Sep 2008 UC028 PDF DOC    
Club Policies                    
Multi-day Event Policies Rev. Aug 2015 UC020PDF DOC    
Executive Board Operating Rules Rev. Aug 2015 UC022PDF DOC    
ULLR Club By-Laws Rev. Apr 2017 UC025PDF DOC    
ULLR Cancellation Policies Rev. Jun 2008 UC026PDF DOC    
ULLR Communications Policies Rev. Mar 2014 UC027PDF DOC    

Summer Programs &

Multi-Day Bike Trips Policies

Rev. Aug 2015 UC029PDF DOC    
1-day Social & Cultural Event Policies Rev. Mar 2017 UC030 PDF DOC        
ULLR Activity Award Points Rev. Mar 2016 UC031 PDF DOC    
1-day Fall & Winter Events Rev. Aug 2015 UC032 PDF DOC
Miscellaneous Documents                       
Bike Rides - Chairs Checklist Rev. April 2010     PDF DOC        
Bike Program - Rider Check List Rev. May 2010     PDF DOC    
Changing A Flat Bicycle Tire Rev. May 2003     PDF DOC    
Outdoor Action Guide to High Altitude:
Acclimatization and Illnesses
Rev. Jul 1999     PDF HTML    
Propose a Trip:
Western Ski Trip or Warm Weather Getaway
Rev. Dec 2016     PDF DOC    

Archive of ULLR Non-Public Documents