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All submissions to the Nullr club newsletter are to be sent to the Editor.


Nullr Editor
Margie Deutsch


If you need to submit something by US Mail, please send it to Margie's home address.

For Margie's phone number or street address, refer to the ULLR Membership Directory.





1st of the month for the next month's Nullr


The deadline is February 1st for the March Nullr

Please help keep the Nullr current by submitting your

trip information/stories/pictures by the deadline.

Remember, time is of the essence!




All information for the Nullr must be submitted in writing

- phone messages will not be accepted.

You may leave a message, but the information must

be sent to either by US mail or email as well.

This is to help eliminate any miscommunications

and printing of incorrect information.


Articles can be emailed (preferred) or submitted in PC format on a CD/DVD.

Email must include the words ULLR or Nullr in subject line.


Post-event/trip stories with pictures will be coordinated by the chair,

who is responsible for submitting to the newsletter by the deadline.

Captions or subject names are required for all submitted pictures.




Event Ads:

Please submit ad content without formatting.

Every attempt to include all information submitted will be made.

However, editing may be necessary depending on space available.