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Help keep the ULLR website up to date, accurate, and attractive!

Needed items:
Event Schedules, Flyers, Pictures, Changes, Anything Else You Want Posted

Thanks in advance for your inputs!

"The ULLR Web Guy"




How To Submit Event Information


PLEASE include the 3W's on all event flyers:

WHAT (event name and description)

WHEN (date and time)

WHERE (location name and address)


Below is a list of the methods by which event coordinators should send their event information and/or flyers to the webmaster. They are listed in order of webmaster's preference, as the further down the list you go the more effort is required of the webmaster, or the quality of the result is poorer.


1) Send by email to webster@ullr.org

      a) a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file of the flyer


      b) an HTML file of the flyer


      c) the information as plain text in the body of the message

2) Send a paper flyer in the US Mail to the ULLR Webmaster

      a) See the Membership Directory or Nullr for the address




This website is maintained on a volunteer part-time basis.

    Unless the information submitted for website changes or email announcements is urgent, requests are usually processed within 48 hours.