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December 10, 2018Membership Directory Folding Party
Mary Jane Hochstein
Galen Hochstein
December 01, 2018ULLR Holiday Party
Karen Holmquist
Nancy Sand
Diane Erlandson
November 19, 2018Mississippi River & Milwaukee Ave Historic District Hike
Patty Fitzgerald
John Stiefel
November 14, 2018Nine Mile Creek Hike
Linda Heintz
November 11, 2018Carver Park Reserve Hike
Patty Fitzgerald
John Stiefel
November 07, 2018Long Lake Regional Park Hike
Jerry Swanberg
Jan Swanberg
October 31, 2018Schulze Lake Hike
Nancy Navis
Craig Navis
October 28, 2018MN Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular
Nancy Sand
October 22, 2018U of M Landscape Arboretum Hike
Karen Holmquist
October 21, 2018Mary Poppins Sunday Matinee
Janice Swanberg
October 17, 2018Lebanon Hills Regional Park Hike
Linda Heintz
October 15, 2018St Croix Bluffs Regional Park Hike
Nancy Sand
October 11, 2018Hyland Hills Richardson Center Hike
Sharon Marini
October 08, 2018New Bell Museum Tour
Nancy Sand
October 07, 201816th Annual Fort Snelling Hike
John Egan
Carolyn Buswell
September , 2018          
August 26-28, 2018Lanesboro Bike & Golf Trip
Nancy Navis
Dale Bonham
August 16, 20181st Annual Charlie Brown Memorial Ride
Joan Roe
July 26, 2018Barbary Coast Dixieland Show Band
Farewell Tour Show
Jerry Swanberg
July 15, 2018Hay Creek Ride
Judy Burich
Cheryl Rogers
July 04, 20184th of July Capitol Ride & Potluck
Nancy Navis
Craig Navis
June 25, 2018Cannon Valley Trail Ride
Sharon Marini
Ken Marini
May 25, 2018Rainy Day Picnic, Venice FL
Damaris Frank
May 18, 201868th Annual Spring Awards Banquet
Joan Roe
Nancy Keyes
Diane Erlandson
May 16, 2018Battle Creek Park Hike
Nancy Sand
May 10, 2018First Thursday Ride
With surprise guest rider Astronaut Mark VandeHei!
John Stiefel
May 01, 2018Como Park May Day HikeBarb Kolbe
Kyle McClintick
April 27, 2018Kaposia Park HikeSharon Tornes
March 08, 2018ULLRs Tour NSCD at Winter ParkNancy Sand
Sharon Marini
March 04-10, 2018Winter Park Ski TripNancy Sand
Sharon Marini
Feb 25-27, 2018Lutsen Mountain Ski TripBruce Warner
January, 2018        
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