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2016-2017 Racing Team Photos

Raiders of the Lost Fjord

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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2017 Team Photo:

Raiders Of the Lost Fjord

Left To Right:
Bottom Row: Kim Tarschi, Lezley Johansen
Top Row: Mick Ganley, Mary Hall, Lee Erickson, Kathy Lucas, Jim Habeck, Katie Connolly, John Kasprick
Missing: Torch Dorn

Photos by: Brian Johnson
650 Torch Dorn

  651 Jim Habeck

  652 Lezley Johansen, Team Captain

Torch is studying the results of the day’s race.  We might not be the fastest team on the Hill, but we take it very seriously, each week we try to improve.  He spends most of his ski time working with handicapped children at Highland.
  Nothing tastes better than a glass of beer after a day on the Hill.  Unless Jim's out West, he's always running the morning practice Gates.  That means he’s had a double dose of all the bad snow and miserable conditions we had this year, and he survived.
  Lezley is always up to some type of mischief as you can tell by her shirt.  Her hat tells exactly what we all feel about the snow conditions.  Right now Lezley is in a bit of trouble; one of her college English professors saw her shirt and is trying to reduce her English grade to a D - -.
  653 Lee Erickson

  654 Kathy Lucas

  655 Katie Connolly

It only took three pitchers of beer, but we finally got a great shot of Lee.  Lee has been with team almost since the beginning, and is guilty of teaching Lezley the ULLR cheer.  Lezley has perfected the cheer due to the help of more than one bottle of ULLR Schnapps.
An amazing lady, she had never raced before last year, and signed up for courses with Cindy McDonald.  This year she improved her time with each race, from bronze to silver to gold.  An amazing accomplishment for a super good lady.
The last race of the year was postponed for a week because of the horrible conditions.  Only three people showed up for the race; everybody else had planned on being on the Western trip the week after the season normally ended.  But, Katie and her husband Drew didn't go west. They went east to Cortina Italy and coverted with the Pink Panther.  All the work Katie has done with Cindy McDonald the last two years really paid off.  She skied down the ladies' Pro League racecourse in Cortina.  She admitted to being scared a couple of times, but what an accomplishment.
656 Mary Hall

 657 Kim Taraschi

 658 John Kasprick

It looks like Mary has permanently inherited her daughter's GS suit when daughter left for college.  Mary's really getting into is the spirit of everything and made her own way out to Park City to join in with the ski club. Old frozen foot has not found a way to keep your feet warm, but she says they're not quite as cold when she's wearing her very fancy brand new GS suit.  She and husband Mitch were kind enough to invite the entire team over for a beer and pizza party after the last race.
 John’s the fastest racer on our team.  He spends his summers riding his Harley, AKA the Hogtale.  He claims he does know how to pedal a real bike, and I've been encouraging him to join some of our bike rides this summer.

 659 Mick Ganley & Kate


 This is Mick with his wife Kate.  Mick skied and raced with Gaylord Gladwin on the police team for many years and was the police liaison officer at Henry high school.  He and wife Kate were both off at Park City with the ski club when we had our last race.



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Updated 04/26/2017