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2016-2017 Racing Teams

Photo Gallery


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Photos by: Brian Johnson


A good Sunday.  Lezley was the most improved lady of the week, and scored big when she won the door prize.  Mandy was the fastest lady skier of the week, and Scott was the most improved male of the week.
  Our president Jim Habeck, showing very good form around the gate.  You can tell he is really moving by looking at the cloud of snow still in the air behind his skis.
  This is Alice Madden arranging our team for the team picture.  Besides racing, she works as a commercial photographer.  When she had the team arranged just right she took the official photograph, and then held everybody in place to give Brian an opportunity


Sandy Powell  is the fastest racer on the Sunday team.  She’s showing perfect form and traveling a tiny bit over 50 miles an hour.

  When Andrea's knees gave out on her and she couldn't race with us, Alyson handed down her co-captain duties to Ryan Long, and took over as captain.  As you can see by the smile on her face, she truly enjoys the job.   This is the senior member of our Wednesday team, Torch Dorn.  He might be 79 years old, but he hasn't slowed down, showing very good form and very good speed rounding the Gates.  He's using the Ted Ligety style of skiing, dragging your uphill pole on the snow as you're making your turn.


The Sunday Who-Has decided to do something fun for their team picture.  The whole League held their breath while they tried to make a pyramid.

 And they Did It!!! Katie Connolly fine tuning her form in preparation for her trip to Cortina, Italy.


Elliot Swiss  is a very quiet member of our team, but one who works very hard.  In the morning he races with the Brewskis team and was their most improved racer of the year.

 Grant Lambert is a new member of our team this year, and we are thankful to have him.  You can see from his form that he wastes no time going down the Hill.
 See the big smile on Paul’s face?  That’s before he found out how much a pair of matching mother- daughter ski boots was going to cost him.



Kim’s cutting the gate mighty close... 

it looks like she might not make it.

 But she did it with a masterful example of good skiing.
 The Foggy Goggles receiving their awards for the week's race.


 Gene Kath showing the form that has led him to several National championships.

 Lezley receiving her award for being the most improved racer on our team.
 John Kasprick was traveling a little over 50 miles an hour when this picture was taken.  He’s the fastest racer on our Wednesday team.  A few years ago the Buck Hill pacesetter was clocked at 54 miles an hour by a radar gun.  John's times today are 1 to 2 seconds faster than that pacesetter, so you can be sure he's traveling well over 50 miles an hour.


Because of the weeks' postponement, this is our entire team for the last race.   Everyone else (with the exception of Katie Connolly) were on the ULLR ski trip.  Katie and Drew were in Cortina.

 After Brian has composed, as best he can, something good to say about everybody, he gives all the copy and a large bottle of Chardonnay to his friend and hiking partner Mary Bonato.  Mary's a retired English teacher, and corrects all of blunder Brian's Bad English.  This picture is of Mary on the left, then Brian, Brian's granddaughter Melissa, and taking the selfie is Brian's grand son-in-law Dr. Mike.  We’re all getting ready to walk over to Lake Harriet for the 5K reindeer run.  

Thank you Mary for all your help
  When they have the ULLR celebration in Breckenridge, they always drink an ULLR toast from a very long set of skis all attached together.  One of the teams brought the custom back to Minnesota, and we all celebrated after the last race.  From left to right are:  Tom Chapen (one of our club founders going back to 1947/48), next an unknown gentleman, then we have John Kasprick and Kin Taraschi.



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Updated 05/16/2017