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2016-2017 Racing Team Photos

Foggy Goggles

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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2017 Team Photo: Foggy Goggles
Left to Right:
Ryan Long, Alyson Gamble, Elliot Swiss, Lezley Johansen, Sandy Powell, Gene Kath, Darin Long, Grant Lambert
Missing: Mandie Swiss

Photos by: Brian Johnson
570 Sandy Powell

 571 Captain  Alyson Gamble

 571  Associate Capt. Amara Gamble

Sandy is by far the most intense racer on our team, and likely the most intense in the entire league.  She's always self-analyzing herself to see where she can be better.  But, when you're very good to start with, it can be difficult to find ways to improve.
Being a new mom hasn't slowed her down, she's one of the fastest on the Hill.  It was a difficult labor and delivery, complicated by the fact that Amara was born already wearing her baby ski boots.
Amara has already outgrown her first pair of baby ski boots, which meant a trip to Pierce’s with mom and dad.  Unfortunately for dad, mom liked Amara's new ski boots so well, she had to have the same boot in ladies grown-up size.  Poor dad, not only was his Visa card smoking, it was actually warped when they left the store.
572 Lezley Johansen

 573 Elliot Swiss

 574 Mandie Swiss

She was the most improved racer on our team, which says a lot because we have some excellent racers on the team.  She worked hard all season long to improve her times, and it really paid off for her and the team.
Elliot comes to us from Michigan, where he and daughter Mandie both raced.  Right now he and Brian are trying to figure out a way to use Mandie's snowboard as firewood, but that might be a little bit tricky.
Unfortunately Mandie committed blasphemy.  She decided to self-educate herself on snowboard riding.  It didn't work out well, and even though she was wearing her helmet, she suffered a severe concussion and we lost her for the last half of the season. If her dad and Brian can't use the snowboard as firewood, maybe they can make a bench out of it.  Even today Mandie is in physical therapy for her concussion.
575 Gene Kath

  576 Scott Shields

  577 Co-captain Ryan Long

This is Gene and his wife Marsha.  They only have Sunday to ski together, and try to spend as much time on the Hill as they can.  Gene’s a very modest person with many great accomplishments in his life.  He's competed in Nationals many times and has been National champion in his age group more than once.  But, he’s so modest he never shared any of that with us until this year.Scott is in charge of developing a mascot for our table and has been working on it both this season and last.  He and Brian thought they had it perfected, but when they try to put everything together the parts wouldn’t fit.  This immediately drove Scott to find a restorative.  They will work on it over the summer.This is Ryan with his daughter Stella. Skiing runs in the family; next year Stella will be racing at Trollhaugen, and their son is on the Wild Mountain developmental team and races somewhere every Sunday.  Needless to say mom will be somewhere else cheering every Sunday.
578 Darin Long

  579 Grant Lambert

Darren is Ryan's younger brother, and joined the team this year.  He’s still getting the feeling of how everything works, but made steady improvements all year long.  Very definitely he’s getting into the spirit of things.
Grant is the owner of HeavyGlare.com, one of the league's sponsors.  They make custom sunglasses, both prescription and standard.  We asked him to join our team this year, and we’re very thankful he did.  If you look at Ryan's race bib you can see the HeavyGlare.com sponsor's logo.


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Updated 04/26/2017