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July 28, 2017


Apple Valley, MN


MN Zoo "Adults Only" Night

Coordinator: Karen Holmquist

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Photos by:

Karen Holmquist

Sharon M, Barb K, Kathy P, Barb S    Jean B, Frank M, Carolyn B, Joan R, Ginny W   Barb S, Jan C
Joan R, Carol B, Diane E, Sharon M  Albino Joey Nancy S talking to the group
Karen H  John Egan Barb K, Barb C, Carol B
Camels cooling off Young Moose  Red Panda tuckered out

We Went To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo
And so did a record number of 5,700 other Adults.  It was a warm night, however, 43 ULLRS followed Zoo Volunteer and fellow ULLR, Nancy Sand, around the Northern Trail to see the “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears!  OH! MY!”  Well, just the Tigers, Bears, Moose, Takin, Camels, (no one took a ride) and, Dholes to name a few.  
The Kangaroo Crossing, the zoo summer attraction, had plenty of Red Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Emu lazily basking in the summer’s evening.  There was even an albino baby “joey” hopping in the background.  It looked like a big rabbit.
At Russia’s Grizzly Coast, we were entertained by the huge bears shaking the trees and climbing them.  They had a little “paw to paw” combat as well.  The sea otters showed off their swimming ability, under the water, on their backs, and every which way!
After the long Northern Trek, a few ULLRS stopped to eat and enjoy an “Adult Beverage.”  Others continued to The Tropics to see the Exotic Birds and Tropic Rainforest Animals.  The 3M African Penguin Exhibit was also a stop along the way.
Thank You to Nancy Sand for touring us through the zoo exhibits.  And thanks to all of you who endured the warm evening, the record breaking crowd, and “The Traffic Jam” in the parking lot!
Karen Holmquist


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Updated 08/02/2017