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February 26 - March 04, 2017


Park City, Utah


Park City Ski Trip

Coordinators: Jim Habeck & John Vogt

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Photos by: John Vogt


Story by John Vogt and Jim Habeck
Thirty-nine well known mid-western groomed hard pack skiers were inundated with 12-14“ of heavy snow, flat light, and brisk winds.  Some skied, some slogged, some flailed, and some sat by the fireplace eating chocolate chip cookies.  Just another Monday in the ski life of an Ullr at Park City, The Canyons, and Deer Valley.
Tuesday showed some promise with 3” of  additional overnight snow and some active groomers patrolling the slopes.  The “GREAT ULLR IN THE SKY“ responded to the wailing and gnashing.  Blue skies broke forth on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with base temps in the 40's – 50's and perfect conditions on the mountains.
NO injuries – some bumps
“Wild Man” Joe Schwebel performed a sensational stunt as he encountered a large chunk of ice on a trail that threw him into a protective road side netting.  Skis off “garage sale".   As usual, Joe popped right up, none the worse for wear.
Hal West ousted from leadership role: Leader clashes with trip boss.  Hal countered Jim Habeck with a better way to the next chair lift by means of a cutoff that instead took the group directly into the maintenance sheds and groomer parking lot.  Alpine skiers became cross country skiers as they polled through the yard over chunks of chewed up ice left by groomers to the next chair lift.
Thirty- nine tired Ullrs headed for home, dragging their skis behind them, and lived happily ever after!!


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Updated 03/29/2017