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Fenruary 13, 2017


Bloomington, MN


Richardson Nature Center Hike

Coordinator: Sharon Marini

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  Photos by:
Sharon Marini
Patty, Ken, Pat, Jim, Carol, John         Lunch at Red Robbin
Barb and Ken    Patty and John Carol and Jim

It was a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze when 16 Ullrs hiked at the Richardson Nature Center in Bloomington.
The snowshoe trail was icy in places so some of the group walked the bike path while the rest of us took the challenge and hiked the snowshoe trail.  It  consisted of wood chips, snow and ice.  Only Patty F and Sharon M wore ice trekkers which were very helpful as the ice was slippery.  
We passed one of the ponds where a couple of weeks ago kids were shown how ice harvesting was done "in the old days".  There were still ice blocks placed in strategic places in the park.
After the hike, 13 of us had lunch at the Red Robin Restaurant.


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Updated 02/17/2017