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2015-2016 Racing Team Photos

Raiders of the Lost Fjord

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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2016 Team Photo:

Raiders Of the Lost Fjord

Left To Right:
Brian Johnson, Lezley Johansen, John Kasprick, Lee Erickson, Jim Habeck, Katie Connolly, Mary Hall, Kim Taraschi
Missing: Torch Dorn, Kathy Lucas

Photos by: Brian Johnson
640 Torch Dorn

  641 Jim Habeck

  642 Lezley Johansen, Team Captain

No question, Torch knows exactly what to do with a bottle of ULLR.  Torch still holds a dubious record.  No one in the history of our club comes anywhere near him for minutes of laying unconscious on the racecourse.  Thankfully he was okay once he figured out who he was, and was back with us for the next race.  That was two years ago.  He showed no ill effects and has come back to race stronger than ever, and one day he might even be able to remember who I am.
  I asked everybody if they could write something about themselves.  Jim replied: “just keep repeating what you said over the previous years. what ever that was".
O.K Jim - From 2015
Jim is one of two very senior racers on our team going back to 2001.  He always makes it to the morning gate practice and still has the strength to come back and race flawlessly in the afternoon.  Always positive, he has a gentle word of encouragement for everyone on the team.
  Lezley is one of the senior members of our team.  For the last two years she has worked very hard with Cindy McDonald to improve her racing skills and it really shows.  She and John Kasprick are now the two fastest on the team.  Their times are improving with every race.  She is the instigator of relearning the ULLR cheer and helps us with it every race.  Lezley’s times at the end of the year were at the 20 second mark.  Down a 1/5 mile course around 11 Gates in 20 seconds.  The 1/5 mile is a straight line measurement and when you're going around Gates that makes it a good piece longer.  To do that you have to be traveling about 50 miles an hour.
  643 Lee Erickson

  644 Kathy Lucas

  645 Katie Connolly

Back in the 80’s Lee organized the Thursday night ULLR race team, and has raced continuously at Buck since that time.  Some years ago Lee shared with me that organizing a race team was like trying to herd cats, and every year it seems like there are a few things that make that true.
Kathy had never raced before and started attending classes with Cindy McDonald (Kathy is on the left and Cindy is on the right), going over all the fundamentals of racing.  The week before the end of the season Cindy told Kathy you're ready to race.  She joined our team and for the first time in her life she ski raced.   Kathy did a beautiful job of racing down the Hill.  We are very thankful to have her on our team, and thankful for Cindy for doing a very kind thorough job of teaching Kathy all the fundamentals.
Katie is another one who has worked hard to improve her racing skills by being with Cindy McDonald in her clinics.  When my skis were stolen that day at Buck she's one of the ladies that immediately bounced out of the chalet to look for them.  There was literally no one on the hill and yet my skis were gone.  The ski patrol took a long time to review the surveillance tapes, and found the tape where a guy comes up, takes my skis, and ski away on them.  Thankfully when he was done skiing he returned them to the other end of the racks.  The patrol called me and told me they had recovered my skis.  I was very thankful to the ladies who helped me search, and to ski patrol.   I am also thankful to Buck Hill for having many different cameras looking at everything.
646 Mary Hall

 647 Kim Taraschi
 648 John Kasprick

Mary's daughter finished her high school racing career and gave her race suit to her mom.  I didn't have the heart to tell Mary this, but that means if she races in college she's going to be gently putting the touch on mom and dad for a new race suit.  From the smile on Mary’s face that suit is mom’s now.   We’ll have to see on at all works out.  I won't show her daughter the picture of mom carrying the pitcher of beer to the table. Kim has found the perfect use for a bottle of ULLR.  "Old frozen foot" uses it to warm her feet after every race, says it works far better than anything else she's found.  Kim shared us a very meaningful experience in her life; she was able to assist in the birth of her good friend Maggie’s daughter Georgia.  Kim felt it was a once in a life time experience.  “I was able to look at baby Georgia’s face as she entered into this world.  Both my daughter and I have been able to hold little Georgia rose.  She is absolutely perfect.” 
 John is the fastest racer on our team, and the first in many years to break 20 seconds on the course (19.3).  Almost every race he and Lezley are knocking on the door of the 20 second mark, and John finally beat it.  When you're doing 20 seconds or less you're in the big time.  John wrote: "Wow!  What great fun to be on the Ullr ski team!  This season shot right past!  It’s true: 'Time flies when you’re having fun!'  I’m sure every skier feels invigorated, flying down the race course.  The speed, the challenge, and the fun of skiing as fast as you can, down a rutted and icy race course, is really invigorating.  Another great year!"



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Updated 04/03/2016