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2015-2016 Racing Teams

Photo Gallery


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Photos by: Brian Johnson
A Great picture of John Kasprick stopping after his run and looking at the time clock to see his time.  John has a professional photographer  friend who took the picture.
  Captain Andrea and her mom.  Mom comes with the family and free skis both in the morning in the afternoon while Andrea's racing.  After this picture was taken mom and daughter figured out how to open the bottle and find out what ULLR was all about.
  Thankfully Brian brought along a good supply of ULLR, because somehow the bottles seemed to disappear from the table.


Sunday Captain Andrea crossing the finish line.

  Andrea winning an award for fastest racer in the morning league.   Jim Habeck crossing the finish line.

Wednesday Captain Lezley Johansen rounding a gate on her way to the finish line.  She’s traveling somewhere between 40 to 50 MPH at this point.

Kim Taraschi crossing the finish line.


There is a new counter in the chalet at Buck.  I asked the natural question “what does the 306 stand for?".   And was told that that is the angle of slope of the hill for the milk run.   All I can think of is protractors read clockwise and there are 360 to a circle.  360 minus 306 equals 54, which would seem to be about right.  Not a very logical way to express something, but it does get your attention.


This is Tom Chapin, one of the original members of our ski club going back to 1950.  His thinking and wisdom in the beginning are some of the reasons why were still together 66 years later.  Tom was captain of the Foggy Goggles for many years, and now comes to Buck to free ski in the morning and watch his daughter Evelyn and her husband Mark race in the afternoon on the Guys and Dolls team.

Kim Taraschi being presented the award for being the most improved skier of the week.  There are 120 racers each week so it's quite an honor to be most improved.


Torch Dorn being presented the award for team most improved for the year.  Tom Chapin's daughter Evelyn is in the upper right-hand corner of the picture.


The Raiders are up for the final medals presentation of the year.

Gene Kath and his wife Marsha taking a break from skiing so Gene can go racing.


It's good to know that Alyson's Automatic Keg Detector also locates full pitchers of beer on the inside.  Here she is doling it out to the entire team.


Robin Plank's daughter Kaelyn receiving the award for the Sunday league most improved skier.

All the Foggy Goggles together for the final award ceremony.


Scott Shields got busy and created a mascot for our team because we didn't have one.  Here's Scott introducing our mascot to the finer points of being an ULLR.


Here is a good view of our new mascot; Scott took time to do it very nicely.  Brian has a nice stand that the mascot will fit perfectly on top of.  It is somewhere in his pole barn, and he will eventually find it.  Written in runes on the sides are ”we came, we saw, we raced, we drank”.


A super neat picture of the Raiders.




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Updated 04/10/2016