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2015-2016 Racing Team Photos

Foggy Goggles

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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2016 Team Photo: Foggy Goggles
Left to Right:
Front Row: Alyson Gamble, Ryan Long, 
Andrea Bonde
Back Row: Gene Kath, Robin Plank, Mary Parcheta, Elliot Swiss, Scott Shields, Bruce Bonde
Missing: Lezley Johansen

Photos by: Brian Johnson
510 Mary Parcheta,
National Champion

  511 Alyson Gamble,

  512 Andrea Bonde, Team Captain
516 Bruce Bonde
This is Mary on the left.  She was comparing fancy GS suits with Robin Plank, but suddenly they found something else to do.  Looks like a bottle of ULLR has caught their attention.  After many very successful years Mary retired as coach of the Stillwater Alpine Ski Team.  We’ve heard strong rumors that every other coach in the league was very happy to see her go.  She was very hard to beat.  There were many nice articles in the local papers about her retirement and many accomplishments. Happy to report that Alyson's automatic keg detector is still working full speed.  But, after last year's debacle with kegs freezing before we could drink them, this year we concentrated more on cooking brats and enjoying good food.  Alyson and Andrea are the fastest ladies on the team normally with handicaps in the teens.
It's impossible to get a picture of the Bonde's alone.  It’s either Andrea and mom, or Andrea and dad.  Father and daughter were in a gentle competition to see who would be the fastest down the Hill.  Most of the time, they are only a fraction of a second apart.  Halfway through the season Bruce reinjured his back and thought it might be time to retire.  But now we’re hearing hints he might be back again next year.  We all hope his disk re-heals and he can be back with us.  But, we’ll all respect his knowledge and wisdom as an M.D. if he wishes to retire.
513 Lezley Johansen

  514 Elliot Swiss

  515 Gene Kath

This is such a neat picture of Lezley, I'm using it for both teams.  She's been spending a lot of time both this year and last year working with Cindy McDonald, and her times really show it.  Not only is she the instigator of bringing back the ULLR cheer, but she really loves her ULLR schnapps and always needs a second or third to complete the day.
Elliot moved here from Michigan.  He was looking for a team to race on and saw the ULLR website.  He was so impressed he asked to join our team.  A very modest fellow, he was worried if he would be good enough.  But after the first race he found he was a very solid silver racer and a super part of our team.  When he realized there was a team in the morning league that had two of our afternoon team members - Andrea and Bruce – on it, he asked to join them racing on The Weiss Squad.
Can only find enough time to ski one day of the week, so he and wife Marsha enjoy skiing together in the morning, then he joins us for our race, and after the race he and Marsha are off skiing together again.
517 Scott Shields

518 Ryan Long

  519 Robin Plank

Scott joins us from the Ski Hawks club, and we’re very thankful for that.  He’s a consistent gold-medal winner.  Scott’s a very competitive racer and strong supporter of the rest of the team.  He takes being a ULLR racer very seriously, and has created a mascot for our table.  I have a base he can put it on as soon as I can find it, and some of the ladies will be doing some artwork to make it really super.  See our new mascot in the photo gallery section.
This is Ryan and his wife Amy.  Their son is racing on the Sunday morning Wild Mountain developmental team.  Ryan returned to racing last year.  In two years, his times have improved so much that he is now the fastest member of our team.This is Robin and her daughter Kaelyn.  Robin is a full-time instructor at Wild, and Kaelyn attends the Perpich School for performing arts where she is studying creative writing.  Kaelyn comes home for the weekends and races with mom on the Bald Eagle Flyers Sunday morning team.  We hoped she would join us for the afternoon race, but she got pirated away by the Wild Bunch.  Right now it's a dead heat between mom and daughter to see who's taller and faster.


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Updated 03/31/2016