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December 08, 2016


Minnetonka, MN


Membership Directory Folding Party

Coordinators: Nancy Sand, Jan Butler

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Photos by: Nancy Sand

John S, Nancy H, Mary Ellen G, John V
Sharpening the crease and folding evenly
 Ken M, Jeff F, Alan M, Colleen B
Taping all three sides
Sharon M, Jan C, Patty F, Margie D
Affixing stamps with the final quality control
 Host Jan B, Ellise L

When ULLRs came to Jan B’s home last spring to prepare the ULLR Membership Directory for mailing, temperatures were in the 90s.  There was quite a contrast when fifteen ULLRs came again to Jan’s home on December 8.  Temperatures were frigid that day, but the group was quickly embraced by the warmth of Jan’s home and wood-burning fireplace.
All ULLR social events include good food, and it didn’t take much time for everyone to load up their plates and come back for seconds before choosing their desserts.
After lunch, event chair Nancy S called everyone to their work groups: labeling, folding, taping, and stamping.  And finally, Margie D examined each Directory for quality control.  (Yes, she sent several back!)
Thanks to all the ULLRs who came to help prepare the ULLR Membership Directory for mailing, and special thanks to Jan B for hosting this event at her lovely home.


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Updated 12/09/2016