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November 03, 2016


Bloomington, MN


Nine-Mile Creek > Old Cedar Avenue Bridge Hike

Coordinator: Linda Heintz

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Photos by: Patty Fitzgerald

Photo by: Bruce Rollins

Thrown Out of Park by Bloomington Police
We had some excitement on the Nine Mile Creek Hike.  More excitement than we were prepared for.  We had barely started when about half a dozen cop cars came in with lights flashing.  The police got out with big guns and politely asked us to get the hell out.
We stayed in the area hoping whatever was happening would blow over fast and we could continue.  When it didn't appear that it would happen anytime soon, another hiker suggested we walk down to 106th and start our hike there, however, more and more police cars showed up and we were told it would be best to just leave the area.  At this point, were more than happy to oblige.
We ended up at the Old Cedar Bridge and hiked toward I-35W.  Four people at the first creek crossing decided that they had walked enough.  The remaining five of us went forward only to turn around at the the next wet crossing.
Since I, for one, was a little stiff and sore later that night, I think we made a wise choice.
Linda Heintz


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Updated 11/08/2016