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October 29, 2016


Minnetonka, MN


Pajama Party

Coordinator: Jan Butler

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Photos by: Jan Butler

Saturday, October 29, Jan Butler hosted a Pajama Party at her home for 19 Ullrs.
Guests arrived wrapped in bathrobes on the cool fall evening.  Pajamas were pretty, silly, old fashioned, space-aged, and everything in between.  The pot-luck buffet supper almost appeared planned, rather than random offerings, as there were so many various dishes to choose from and all delicious. Guests were engaged in heavy conversation as they tried to guess the written animal, mineral, vegetable or thing that the host pinned on their backs.  Woody was able to guess he was “Plutonium”.
Jan had other fun games planned for the guests that at first were a little puzzling.  We were divided into two racing teams.  The first race involved a string tied to a spoon that was passed from the neck down under each racer’s clothing to the floor then the string and spoon were pulled up to the next person neck who did the same.  At the end of the line the process was reversed.  The winning team captain had to have the string rolled up and the spoon in his hand to win.  Teamwork emerged as the strings were pulled along the line of racers.  Of course the losing team cried fowl and all were granted granola bars prizes.  The second race involved passing an orange from neck to neck to the end of the line of racer’s and back.  
Dorothy Jones, as Dracula, won the prize for the best costume.  It was a fun evening.  


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Updated 11/07/2016