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October 03, 2016


Monticello, MN


Lake Maria State Park Hike

Coordinator: Nancy Sand

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  Photos by: Nancy Sand  

ULLR Trio Hikes Lake Maria State Park
When many ULLRs boarded a plane to Albuquerque, three ULLRs drove up to Lake Maria State Park on October 3 for a very nice fall hike.  Hike host Nancy S., guided Jan and Jerry S. on their first hike at this State Park.  The trio enjoyed shaded leaf-strewn trails with views of lakes beautifully colored by the blue sky above and ponds colored bright green by algae.  
The selected 4.5 mile trail route included some hills, crossing the top of a beaver dam, and a climb to the summit of Anderson Hill for a 360 view of the area.   Colored flowers, bright sumac, and the greens, yellows, oranges, and reds of leaves were generously provided by Mother Nature.
The group visited with a new park service employee hiking on the trails.  This was his first day of his new full-time job at Lake Maria.  He had been a part-time park service employee for several years at some state parks on the North Shore.  He was excited to get full-time work and excited to begin learning about the geology, plants, animals, etc. at Lake Maria.
After the hike, Nancy, Jan, and Jerry headed back home with a stop at Maynard’s in Rogers for lunch.


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Updated 10/04/2016