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October 01, 2016


Burnsville, MN


Terrace Oaks West Park Hike

Coordinator: Nancy Sand

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Photos by: Nancy Sand

These logs make a perfect place to take a rest.
Judy B, Woody R, Cheryl R
  Happy ULLR hikers.
Linda H, Jan S, Jerry S 
  More smiling ULLR hikers.
Craig N, Nancy N, John V, Barb K, Jim H
That is a big tree!  Can we get around it?
Cheryl R, John V, Jerry S, John S, Jim H, Linda H,
Barb K, Jan S, Craig N, Nancy N, Judy B
  ULLR muscle power!
Linda H, Barb K, Jan S, Craig N, Nancy N, Judy B
 Where are we, and where are we going?
John S, Jim H

After previous drenching rains produced muddy trails and caused event host Nancy S. to cancel the Terrace Oaks hike, the sun shown on thirteen ULLRs who came to the October 1 rescheduled hike.
While gathering in the parking lot, ULLRs put on jackets and found their hiking sticks.  It did not take long on the trail to realize climbing and descending the short steep hills quickly made everyone feel warm, and jackets were shed.  Some sections of the trail had deep gullies from all the previous rain, and we unexpectedly encountered a very large tree that had fallen across the trail.  Nancy S., seized the opportunity for a good photo op, and then everyone found a route through the branches.
Towards the end of the hike, several ULLRs rested on a bench thinking they were getting close to being back at the parking lot; however, hike leader Nancy S. informed everyone they would be taking an additional short trail.  You see, Nancy S. knew those extra steps would help balance the calories everyone would be consuming at lunch!  
Jensen’s Café in Burnsville is known for its vast all-day breakfast menu with many kinds of pancakes and egg dishes.  No ULLRs went home hungry, and all enjoyed each other’s company on a nice fall hike.


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Updated 10/03/2016