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May 06, 2016


Minnetonka, MN


Membership Directory Folding Party

Coordinators: Jan Butler, Nancy Sand

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  Photos by:
Nancy Sand
Attaching Labels
John S, Sharon M, Sandra S, Bill H, Carol B
Nancy H, Jim H, Galen H, Margie D
Ken M, Manfred D, John V, Tom V, Jeff F
  Waiting to be assigned a task
Karen H, Mary Jane H
 Affixing stamps
Mary Ellen G, Mary V, Jan C
Relaxing after dinner
Manfred D, Margie D, Karen H, Sandra S
  Discussing ULLR events
ULLR Prez Jim H, Galen H
 Enjoying the beautiful evening
Event Host Jan B, Tom V, Ken M, Galen H

ULLRs Hard at Work
Twin Cities temperatures soared to the 90s on Friday, May 6, but provided a wonderful evening to enjoy Jan B’s home and screened deck while preparing the updated ULLR Membership Directory for mailing.  Twenty-two ULLRs came to label, fold, tape, and stamp nearly 200 Directories.  Of course, there was a fair amount of ribbing about the either poor or perfect jobs done by the people doing the previous task.  ULLRs are always ready with plenty of praise and/or friendly bantering!  However, Folding Party Coordinator Nancy S managed to keep everyone on task.
With so many helping hands, the jobs were quickly completed.  Then followed the lineup for selecting our dinner choices from the tantalizing array of foods everyone brought to share.  Visiting, getting caught up on families and travels, and talking about future ULLR events kept us circulating among our ULLR friends all evening.
Thanks to host Jan B for sharing her home for this ULLR “work” and social event!


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Updated 05/09/2016