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April 20, 2016


Maplewood, MN


Battle Creek Regional Park Hike

Coordinator: Nancy Sand

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  Photos by:
Nancy Sand
Does anyone know what kind of trees these are?
Karen H, Pam A, Barb K, Sharon T
      Former teachers
Barb K, Karen H
Will she get to the top?
Barb K
 Ready to zip down the high slide
Pam A 
 Ready to go down the little slide
Sharon T, Nancy S
Watching water flow from one pond to another
Barb K, Sharon T, Pam A, Karen H
   Entry to the dog park. 
We promise to behave and not bite!
Pam A, Sharon T, Barb K, Karen H

Photo by: Karen Holmquist

  We think the ancient rock looks like the head of an animal.  What do you think?
Nancy S, Barb K, Sharon T, Pam A


Five ULLRs spent an enjoyable couple of hours walking and hiking in Battle Creek Regional Park on Wednesday, April 20.  The day dawned cloudy and cool, but soon the warm sun caused everyone to shed jackets.
Hike host Nancy S. led the group off the paved trail onto cross-country trails with some gentle hills and where the grass trails meandered through more trees.  It was nice to see emerging green leaves on trees.  Weeping willows were more yellowish in color.  And, of course, dandelion season has begun.  Their flowers were bright yellow in the sunshine.
Nancy S. paused the group at a playground for photo opportunities.  I think ULLRs would agree our members are all young at heart and know how to have fun!
Battle Creek has a large off-leash dog park, and Sharon T. led the group through the dog park where Sharon often brings her dog.  This park offers a class on how to prepare yourself and your dog for an off-leash dog park.  Topics include canine body language, how to advocate for your dog, tips on communicating with other owners about potential problems, and how to break up a dog fight.  This is all good information to help dog owners better understand the dynamics of a dog park.  We saw many happy dogs with their owners enjoying the space.
Following the hike, delicious sandwiches and pie were the preferred choices for lunch at Key’s Café.


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Updated 04/23/2016