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February 28 - March 05, 2016


Breckenridge, CO


Summit County Ski Trip

Coordinators: Karen Holmquist & Nancy Sand

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Photo by: Tom Roberts

Photo by: Sharon Marini

Photo by: Jan Hotvedt

Joe S, Maryann S, Gail W,
Dave S, Barb C, Joe F
Wow - We did not have to carry our skis,
boots, and bags back to the bus!
Barb K, John S, Patty F, Fred L
Socializing by the Hotel fireplace
Gail W, Maryann S, Berit R, Barb K,
Nancy K, Nancy S, Gus B, Barb C,
Joe F, Jan H, Hal W, John V, Dave W,
Tom R, Nedra N


Photos by: Patty Fitzgerald


Dianne H, Sharon M,
Barb K, Dean N
Sharon M, Gus B, Dean N, Dianne H,
Mick G, Barb K, Kate C, Patty F, Nancy N
Sharon M, John S, Barb K,
Dean N, Patty F

John S, Barb K, Patty F, Sharon M

  Photos by:
Karen Holmquist 
 "ULLR Snow God from Scandinavian
folklore, protector for all those
who participate in winter sports."

Riding a lift chair without skis, boots,
goggles, helmet, heavy gloves, and
without having to face a fierce blizzard
-- Life is not fair!
Karen H, Berit R, Rita N, Nancy N

Photos by: Nancy Sand

(Almost) The Whole GroupWayne J, John V, Mike S,
Nancy D, Jerry S
ULLRs eager to ski on the 1st run
on our 1st day at Breckenridge
Mike S, Roger K, Barb K, Mick G,
Dianne H, Dan R, Wayne J, John V,
Nancy D, Kate C, Patty F, Jerry S,
Sharon M, John S, Dean N, Nancy S
Kate C, Mick G, Patty F, John V,
John S, Nancy D, Karen C, Mike S
Kate C, John V, Nancy N, Mick G
The Four Nancy's:  S, N, D, K
(Maybe they could go on tour
like The Four Tenors)
Happy members on their 1st
ULLR Western Trip
Mick G, Kate C, Dave S, Dianne H,
Rita N, Nancy N, Craig N, Kathy H,
Jill M, Dean N
Trip Co-Chairs Nancy S & Karen H
ULLR Hollywood Stars
Jill M, Gus B, Dianne H,
Nancy K, Clareyse N

Forty two ULLRs enjoyed Colorado sun, blizzard and white-out conditions, wind gusts high enough to knock over skiers, fresh powder, nicely groomed packed powder, and altitudes of 12,500 feet with breathtaking views.  We had nearly every weather and snow condition anyone could imagine.  But, we laughed and endured our way through it all smiling the most when we cruised in the sun on wide open groomed corduroy.
Our 2016 ULLR Summit County Sky Trip welcomed nine new members on the trip plus one other ULLR member who had not been on an ULLR western ski trip in the past.   ULLR snowbirds met us at the airport in Denver.  Brian J. drove and arrived in Breckenridge ahead of us.
The DoubleTree Hilton in Breckenridge at the base of Peak 9 was our home for the week.  The Hotel staff and accommodations were outstanding.  It took all week to sample all the breakfast stations, and many of us ate delicious meals at the Hotel.  The Hotel ski valet service stored our skis and poles.  Getting to the ski slope was a very short walk across a small parking lot, but the Hotel ski valet service was present to carry our skis and poles to and from – what a luxury! 
We skied three mountains:  Breckenridge, Copper, and Keystone.  We spent the most time at Breckenridge.  Peaks 6-10 challenged us with enough blue, green, and black runs to keep everyone happy.  Several people got up early to ski First Tracks on Friday.  What fun to make the first carves on freshly groomed snow.
It was at Keystone when we had nasty blizzard and wind conditions, but that only lasted a couple of hours, and it was not terribly cold.   We simply stopped for a bit, waited until we could see again, and then continued down the mountain.  After that, we had glorious sun!  Loading skis, poles, boots, and bags onto wagons at the base made our end-of-day walk back to the bus an easy trek.
Copper was a fun day made even better when Karen C. and Mike B. joined us.  At the end of the day, ULLR snowboarder Ken M. had an opportunity to try a new type of snowboard called a Snowskate which is like a skateboard with an additional ski on the bottom and with nothing to hold the board to your feet.
Throughout the week, ski groups changed continually as people decided where to ski and on what runs.  We tried to remember the colors of everyone’s ski clothes, but our ULLR bandanas helped identify our group and made it easy for any one of us to join other ULLRs for a few runs.  If you didn’t know where you were going, all you had to do was look for Nancy’s new neon green jacket.  Gus’s “E-I-E-I-O” also helped.
Of course socializing is a big part of any ULLR event!  We heard from mountain representatives at a pizza welcome party at our Hotel.  We had a group dinner at the Quandary Grill where we celebrated two birthdays:  Mick G. and Nedra N.  Many joined together at the Breckenridge Brewery one evening.  Bus and shuttles took us to Main Street for shopping, galleries, museums, and other restaurants.  Some of us walked there as it was so close.  Walking to Main Street was downhill.  With the altitude, walking back to the Hotel took a little longer, but many did it anyway.
We had the usual bumps and bruises from skiers falling on the slopes.  We even had some urgent care visits for injury and illness, but every participant was upright and walking at the end of the trip!
As we were departing the Hotel on our last day, the Hotel desk staff told us they really enjoyed our group.  And, that is what being part of the ULLR Club is all about – having a good time and enjoying each other!


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Updated 03/13/2016