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February 17, 2016


St Anthony, MN


Silverwood Park Snowshoeing

Coordinators: Barb Kolbe & Mary Ellen Gabel

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Photos by: Mary Ellen Gabel

Sharon T, Barb K & Patty F
with frozen tree trunk sculpture
  Patty F, Sharon T, Bill B,
John S, Barb K  
  Patty F & Bill B
Mary Ellen G & Barb K  John S & Bill B  Mary Ellen G, Bill B, Barb K,
Sharon T & John S

Snowshoeing in the Park
Six Ullrs went snowshoeing on a beautiful sunny day in Silverwood Park.  We wandered among the sculptures, enjoying a frozen solar tree trunk, teepees made out of sticks, a teeter-totter, an eagle made out of many parts including skis, shovels, crutches, etc  and a high five.  We also went across the lake and  explored a small island.   After enjoying an hour and a half of snowshoeing we had lunch at Applebees.
Barb Kolbe and Mary Ellen Gabel


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Updated 02/25/2016