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February 09, 2016


Bloomington, MN


Minnesota River Bottoms Hike

Coordinator: John Vogt

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Photos by: John Vogt


Six hardy souls ventured out into the wilds of the primordial frozen tundra on Tuesday February 9th, weathering 10 degree temperatures along the river bottom of the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge.  Wildlife were in abundance as we watched a coyote slink across the ice of the large backwater swamp, perhaps looking for a snack around the open water of a beaver lodge.  No beavers or kits, but recent evidence of some serious tree gnawing.  Looking closely over the left shoulder of Bruce W (pictured) you can just make out the wing of one of the few remaining  Pterodactyls from the last Paleolithic glacial period.

Lunch was served by "Dave" at Famous Dave's Barbeque, and all returned home for naps.


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Updated 02/14/2016