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February 02-04, 2016


Wausau, WI


Granite Peak Ski Trip

Coordinators: Nancy Sand & Diane Erlandson

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Photos by: Nancy Sand

Joella W, Diane E    Diane E, Joella W, Karen H, Jerry S   John S, Wayne J, John V, Ken M
Dave R, Wayne J  Karen H, Joella W, Patty F, John V Tom N, Diane E, Barb K, Dave R
 Back: John V, Wayne J, Karen H, John S, Dave R, Jerry S, Tom N
Middle: Patty F, Mary Ellen G, Joella W, Sharon M, Judy B, Barb K, Karen H
Kneeling:  Ken M with Trip Co-Chairs Nancy S & Diane E   

  Photos by:
Karen Holmquist
Mary Ellen G, Joella W, Karen K 
 Snowy Scene
Karen H  Joella W, Mary Ellen G, Karen K  Judy B
Barb K, Sharon M Dave R, Tom N, Sharon M, Barb K,
Nancy S, Patty F, John S, John V 
 Tom N, Barb K, Dave R, Sharon M

Photo by: John Vogt
  Snow Angels
Barb K, Nancy S, Patty F

Seventeen ULLR snow enthusiasts drove to Wausau February 2-4 for winter fun.  With blizzard warnings for Tuesday afternoon and night of our driving day, the trip co-chairs (Diane E. and Nancy S.) encouraged people to leave home early.  Thus fifteen drove on dry pavement and arrived safely in Wausau around noon.  Our two first-time participants who came later that evening (Tom N. and Dave R.) had a much slower drive, but they also arrived safely.
Several planned to cross-country or snowshoe after lunch on Tuesday at the Nine Mile Forest Recreation Area.  By then the scene was very snowy and windy, but the group was looking forward to some outdoor time.  However, Nine Mile was closed because of blizzard warnings, and we decided the hot tub at our Stoney Creek Hotel sounded like a good alternative.
Tuesday evening we gathered at the Hotel for a pizza welcome party and talked about plans for the next couple of days.  After pizza, the snow and wind had lessened, so several went for a walk.  Barb K., Nancy S., and Patty F. even paused along the way to make snow angels!
The blizzard on Tuesday provided lots of fresh snow for us on Wednesday.  Downhill skiers at Granite Peak were challenged, as GP has a policy of less grooming for the first day with lots of snow.   A few of our skiers headed directly for the moguls.  The rest of us tried to remember how to ski powder.  
Our cross-country and snowshoe people also enjoyed fresh snow at Nile Mile on Wednesday.  Not all of the trails were groomed there either, so those ULLR women had to walk and ski through several inches of powder.  That evening we had a group dinner at the Great Dane restaurant.
On Thursday a few left early for home.  The rest of us went back to Granite Peak with sun and fresh groomed powder.  We were very happy skiers and quickly scattered around the mountain to find our favorite runs.  While at the ticket booth that morning, we learned that skiers 80+ years of age ski free at Granite Peak.    We even negotiated refunds for two of our skiers for the previous day.    So, ULLRs need to keep skiing!  Eventually you will be able to ski free!
We had a great time.  We socialized.  The blizzard brought fresh snow.  Everyone arrived and got back home safely.  And now we look forward to other remaining ULLR winter outdoor events.


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Updated 02/07/2016