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2014-2015 Racing Team Photos

Raiders of the Lost Fjord

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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2015 Team Photo: Raiders Of the Lost Fjord

Left To Right:
684 Lee Erickson, 687 Kim Taraschi, 682 Jim Habeck,
683 Lezley Johansen, 688 John Kasprick, 685 Brian Johnson

Not Shown:
680 Torch Dorn, 686 Katie Connolly

Photos by: Brian Johnson
680 Torch Dorn
  682 Jim Habeck
  683 Lezley Johansen, Team Captain
Torch Dorn wins the prize for the most colorful outfit in the race league.  When Torch isn't busy racing he takes most of his time to work with the severely challenged skiers at Highland Hills.  A lot of the equipment that Torch and the other instructors use on Friday was donated by our ULLR Foundation.
  Jim is one of two very senior racers on our team, going back to 2001.  He always makes it to the morning gate practice, and still has the strength to come back and race flawlessly in the afternoon.  Always positive, he has a gentle word of encouragement for everyone on the team.
  Our captain Lezley Johansen, worked hard to perfect the ULLR cheer and then teach it to both our teams.  Every Friday she's at Highland Hills working with former Olympian racer Cindy McDonald, and as the year progressed there's no question that Cindy McDonald is an excellent teacher and Leslie's times went down.
  684 Lee Erickson
  685 Brian Johnson
  686 Katie Connolly
Back in the 80's Lee captained the Thursday night ULLR race team.  Someone on that team taught him the ULLR cheer.  Being the skulldugerous character that Lee is, he taught the cheer to Lezley, who taught it to both teams.Brian (he's the one in the lower right) is being comforted by his teammates.  He found that after dealing with injuries for three years, he would have to spend more time then he had counted on regaining his skiing skills and learning his new skis.  You could find him every Wednesday morning running practice gates, but, by the afternoon would be too exhausted to race  Next year he plans to join Lezley on Friday at Highland so he will have strength for Wednesday.Also new to our team this year is Katie Connolly, who celebrated her marriage to Drew Raun just before the season started (If you look close you can see the sparkle on her diamond).  This was the first year that Katie had ever raced in her life.  It took her a while to get the feel of it, but she wound up being not only the most improved member of our team but also the most improved racer in the entire league.  She’s very proudly holding her awards.
687 Kim Taraschi
 688 John Kasprick
Kim (also known as "frozen foot") is also new to our team this year.  Kim is from Solvang, California and grew up aspiring to be a ballerina or a ski bunny.  Her dad was an airline pilot and her family enjoyed ski trips to Colorado and Austria.  Kim is the proud owner of New Movement, her small Pilates studio in Southwest Minneapolis.  The wind chill was 30 below the day this picture was taken and probably a lot colder at the top of the hill.  She's working very hard to get her feet thawed out.
 John Kasprick says:  A couple years ago I met Torch Dorn at a Professional Ski Association of America ski event.  Chatting on the lift, Torch said he raced on ULLR's team, and I asked to join.  He gave me Brian Johnson’s number, and nervously I called.  Brian was great as he told me all about ULLR and the Ski Challenge.  Two years with ULLR and I love it!  Recently, I sent dues to join the ULLR club, making me a full fledged ULLR member.  Thanks to everyone at ULLR who make this possible.



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Updated 05/19/2015