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2014-2015 Racing Team Photos

Foggy Goggles

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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Team Photo: Foggy Goggles
Left to Right: 
509 Robin Plank, 502 Andrea Bonde, 506 Bruce Bonde, 500 Mary Parcheta, 505 Gene Kath,
504 Lisa Rambol, 503 Lezley Johansen, 501 Alyson Gamble, 508 Ryan Long

Not Pictured:
507 Scott Shields 

Photos by: Brian Johnson
500 Mary Parcheta,
National Champion

  501 Alyson Gamble,

  506 Bruce Bonde
502 Andrea Bonde, Team Captain
Mary Parcheta​ and Tom Chapin worked as captains of the Foggy Goggles ULLR team for many years.  Mary once again took first place at the NASTAR nationals in Snowmass, CO getting better times then those in brackets below her.  She returned to her condo in Steamboat to enjoy the remainder of the season.  With two days left in the season her left knee gave out on her, so her last run of the season was in a toboggan.  As a result, she now has a new total knee replacement from the hospital in Steamboat.  With her daughter as physical therapist doing the re-hab in Steamboat, she is optimistic she will be back next winter stronger then ever.Alyson is co-captain, which makes her the official keeper of the medals.  For every 10 medals the team wins, there is a free pitcher of beer.  We always manage to get a free pitcher.  Alyson has a built-in keg detector.  At least six different kegs were tapped In the parking lot during the race season, and Alyson found them all.  There was a time or two when the team wondered  where Alyson was with the medals, and she admits to having been waylaid by a keg out in the parking lot.  Alyson is the second fastest lady on the team, just a couple of handicap points behind Andrea.
506 Bruce Bonde and his daughter 502 Andrea, are the fastest male and female racers on our team.  Andrea is our team captain.  Every week the two of them have a gentle contest to see who will be the fastest down the Hill.  This year Bruce takes the prize with a handicap of 14.02.  Last year Andrea finished her Masters degree at the University of Minnesota and now as a full-time job working in her field.  She’s newly engaged and starting to make her wedding plans.
503 Lezley Johansen

  504 Lisa Rambol

  505 Gene Kath

Lezley is our captain emeritus and team cheerleader.  Somewhere back in the 80's someone taught Lee Erickson the ULLR cheer.  That's 35 years ago, but he remembered it and taught to Lezley,who then taught it to the Sunday team.  Somehow a bottle of Ullr Nordic Libation (peppermint & cinnamon schnapps) found its way to the team table after the last race, and we all got together did the cheer followed by a toast. 
Lisa has been on the team for many years.  She started as a rookie racer, but has worked hard and improved her time each year.  She is also a member of the Ski Challenge staff, and this year took over as mistress of ceremonies.  She and Lezley collaborated to lead the ULLR cheer the first time we did it.  Normally she's so busy at the front table we have not been able to get a good picture of her.  But this year she was able to come over to the table, and we have a super good picture of her.
507 Scott Shields

508 Ryan Long

  509 Robin Plank

Scott is a very quiet but extremely competitive racer.  We can count on him to be there every Sunday, and to give everything he's got.
Ryan returned to racing this year, and joined our team.  He's the second fastest racer on the team, with a handicap of 18.08 - which puts him only about a 10th of a second behind Bruce. Robin is new to our team this year.  She is a longtime friend of many of the racers on our team.  She also races on the TGIF team Fridays, and with her daughter Kaelyn on a Sunday morning team.  She works full-time as an instructor at Wild Mountain.


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Updated 05/19/2015