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2013-2014 Racing Team Photos

Raiders of the Lost Fjord

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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2014 Team Photo: Raiders Of the Lost Fjord

Left To Right:
639 John Kasprick, 630 Torch Dorn, 634 Lezley Johansen, ULLR Founder Tom Chapen, Josh Simertz, 631 Roger Townsend, Brian Johnson
Not Pictured:
633 Jim Habeck, 635 Lee Erickson, 636 Jen Thorkildson

Photos by: Brian Johnson
630 Torch Dorn
  631 Roger Townsend
  633 Jim Habeck
Torch spends most of his wintertime working with severely handicapped children at Highland.  At the end of every session he presents each child with one of the medals that he's won on Wednesday.  That's a wonderful moment for the child, to be presented with a medal for their accomplishments.  The whole team is helping out so that the end of Wednesday's race Torch has 10 medals to use as rewards for the handicapped kids.
  After fighting many very serious injuries, Roger was able to return to our team this year.  It took a while for him to get all of his racing skills back together.  By the end of the year he had some very impressive handicap times.  This picture was taken on a bitterly cold Wednesday, and you can see it on Roger's face.   However, he has the only known solution to thawing out - "lots of beer"!
  Jim has been with our team since the very beginning.  His main goal in life is to avoid having concussions while riding in golf carts.  He never misses a race unless he's "concussed " or out West skiing somewhere. 
634 Lezley Johansen, Team Captain
636 Jen Thorkildson
635 Lee Erickson
639 John Kasprick
It's impossible to take individual pictures these two since they're always together.  Lezley on left is our team captain, and Jen was captain before her.  She and Jen have been buddies since racing together on their high school team.  Truly fun personalities.  They're both very fast down the hill, and where you find one you’ll always find the other. 
 Lee has the longest competitive race history of anyone on the team.  In the old days (the 80s) he was captain of the ULLR team that raced on Thursday nights. 
 John joined our team this year, and had the courage to make every race in spite of all the freezing weather.  He knows that when it’s 30 below outside nothing thaws you out faster than beer.  Besides being very fast on the slopes in the winter, he enjoys the summer months riding his hog.   



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Updated 05/03/2014