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2013-2014 Racing Team Photos

Foggy Goggles

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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Team Photo: Foggy Goggles
Left to Right: 
    563 Lezley Johansen, 567 Scott Shields, 564 Lisa Rambol,  562 Andria Bonde, 565 Gene Kath, 566 Bruce Bonde
Not Pictured:
560 Mary Parcheta, 561 Alyson Gamble

Photos by: Brian Johnson
560 Mary Parcheta

  561 Alyson Gamble

  562 Andria Bonde, Team Captain

Mary is the senior member of our team at 75.  She still coaches the Stillwater High School  Alpine teams.  When she's not racing or coaching, she works as an instructor at Wild Mountain.  For many years Mary has been the NASTAR National Champion. Alyson is new to our team this year.  She raced with the University of St. Cloud, and now works as a project coordinator for CenterPoint Energy.   She's a very fast lady down the hill, with a handicap in the middle teens and a great person to share our team table with.You can see the really big smile on Andria's face.  Four really good things happened to her this year.  She completed her Master’s degree in Soil Science and found a very interesting job.  She also felt honored to be elected our team captain, and holds the team record at 52 miles an hour down the Hill.  Most importantly, after battling gluten intolerance for years they now make gluten-free beer, and as you can see from the smile on her face, the stuff must be really good.  Now that she's able to drink beer she can become an honorary ULLR.
563 Lezley Johansen

  564 Lisa Rambol

  565 Gene Kath

The chances of ever getting a picture Lezley alone are zero and none.  That's her on the left.  Lezley races on both our Wednesday and Sunday teams.  Last year Lezley was team captain of both teams, but, just this year she handed the Sunday job down to Andria.  That's Alyson on the right.  At Wild Mountain you get a free pitcher of beer for 10 medals and Lezley's in charge of keeping track of the medals and getting the pitcher of free beer.By far the most improved skier on our team.  Three years ago she was lucky to make it down the Hill and earn an “I did it pin”.  This year she qualified for nationals, and skied seven solid silver medals.  She works on the race staff as one of the presenters for the Sunday awards. I was finally able to get a good picture of Gene.  Gene holds three Masters degrees in Electronics and still works full-time even though he's past retirement age.  The only time he and wife Marcia get a chance to ski together is on Sunday.  Gene’s another team member who earned 7 platinum medals this year.
566 Bruce Bonde



  567 Scott Shields

Andria's dad.  Now that Andria has graduated, dad can put away the checkbook.  As far as we know this is the only father-daughter team racing together.  They are always within a quarter second of each other down the Hill.  If Andria travels at 52 miles an hour, dad is also right there at 52.   Lezley and Alyson have the same handicaps so we have at least four people on our team capable of 50 miles an hour around the gates.Scott was able to return to the team this year after a two-year absence, and we’re very happy to have him back.  Scott also races on Wednesday but it's against his fellow ULLRs.  He and Bob Pike (Bob's captain of the Grand Finale team) are fraternity brothers from UMD.  Bob got him first, and it's the Raiders' loss.


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Updated 05/03/2014