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2012-2013 Racing Team Photos

Raiders of the Lost Fjord

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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Team Photo: Raiders Of the Lost Fjord

Left To Right
Kneeling: Jen Thorkildson, Lezley Johansen
Back Row: Josh Simertz, Brian Johnson, Don Pyatt, Dan Rhymer, Torch Dorn, Lee Erickson, Dell Fystrom
Missing: Mark Thorkildson

Photos by: Brian Johnson


Torch Dorn

Torch had his best year ever as a racer, picking up more gold and silver medals than he ever has before.  Besides racing, he donates most of his winter time to helping people with special needs at Highland Hills.


Lee Erickson

That's the biggest smile on Lee that we've seen in a long time.  Lee is the fastest racer in our team.  But he doesn't dare look behind because Mark and Jen and Leslie are chasing very close behind.

Dell Fystrom

A picture of Dell and Lezley holding up their racing award medals.  Sadly this is the last year Dell’s going to be able to be on our team.  A retired professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin, he earned the title of being our absent-minded professor when he got so engrossed looking at is time on the scoreboard that he forgot the stop and wound up in the hospital with three broken ribs.


Lezley Johansen

Lezley is our team captain.  She is a very good racer to start with, and I think amazed herself when she was called up to be the most improved racer of the year for our team.  Lezley and Jen Thorkildson were high school teammates, and have been skiing and racing together ever since.

Lezley barely had time to be over the surprise of being the most improved racer on our team, when they called her up again to be recognized as the most improved skier in the entire league.  Lezley was a very good racer in the beginning of the year and to make that much improvement is a true compliment to her.  There is a special picture of her and Don Pyatt receiving their awards together in the photo gallery.


Don Pyatt

Don joined our team this year.  His wife Connie has skied for years with the Grand Finale team that sits right next to us for the awards ceremony.  Don's been a mountain skier for years, and thought he would like to give racing a try.  He prepared well going through the Buck Hill Boot Camp program, and then taking advantage of a try-it program that the race league offered.  A couple of times Don got discouraged and didn't think he was doing well at all, but he kept with it and wound up being the most improved male skier in the league.


Daniel Rymer

Jen Thorkildson observed the most important fact about our teams: “We race for the beer”, and Dan conscientiously works to uphold the observation.  He is still trying to honestly explain how we beat Sylvia down the Hill when they were out West skiing together.



Jen Thorkildson

Brian forgot his camera, so Jen and Lezley volunteered to take a lot of the pictures.  But when we were all done, we had a picture of everybody but Jen the picture taker.  I borrowed this picture from last year, it's a super great shot.  Every year Jen gathers the ladies from both our teams and heads out West to celebrate the ULLR Fest at Breckenridge.  This year Jerry, Jim, and Brian are trying to talk her out of the trip, so they could use the condo to celebrate the ULLR Fest themselves.



Mark Thorkildson

A very pensive Mark waiting to hear to results of the day's competition.  Or then again, maybe he's daydreaming about their condo out in Eagle and how close it is to Beaver Creek.  An interesting note, Mark and Jen and the kids all have full epic passes for the Vail group.  With the Vail takeover, whenever they want to, they can go out to Afton Alps and ski for free!




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Updated 04/29/2013