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2012-2013 Racing Team Photos

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Photos by: Brian Johnson
This has never happened before in the history of our race teams.  We had the league's most improved male and female racers - Lezley Johansen and Don Pyack on our Wednesday team. 
  This is probably the best picture anyone could ever want to take.  This is Shane Hipsag two weeks after the devastating crash and injuries he suffered in the Wednesday night race.  He walked up the stairs to be at the awards ceremony on Sunday.  I remarked "what a miracle of modern medicine", but, Bruce Warner had the right thought, it was just a tremendous amount of courage on Shane’s part to be there.   When you work really hard this is what happens. Lezley's proudly wearing her gold medal at the NASTAR nationals in Aspen Colorado.


Tom Chapin - on the right in this picture.  Back in 1947-48 Tom was one of a group of engineering students at the University of Minnesota that got together and formed a ski club.  Tom’s been on our team for many years, but the last two years he's been recovering from injuries.  He still makes it to our races to cheer us on. 

  Brian met some of the racers on Mary's Stillwater high school race team and proudly pointed out to them that coach Mary had one several gold medals at the NASTAR nationals on Colorado.  He told them they could see pictures of her on the podium out in Colorado getting gold medals by going to our website.  It took a couple of the young ladies about 30 seconds to find her on their iPads, but then I realized - if they scrounged around our website little bit more, they could come across pictures of coach Mary with of beer in her hand.  Let's hope that the team doesn't get too nosy.   This is what happens when you hit a race gate at 50 miles an hour.  Andrea took the picture the next day when the colors were in full blossom and added the artwork herself.

Mark Thorkildson ready for action.

The Foggy Goggles have a two-person cheering section; this is Mary Bonoto giving Lezley a hug after Lezley was recognized as the most improved on our team.


Jim's the second part of our two-person cheering squad; a good friend of Dan Dahring he comes to every race.




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Updated 04/19/2013