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2012-2013 Racing Team Photos

Foggy Goggles

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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Team Photo: Foggy Goggles
Note:  Evidentially the photographer did not do a very good job of communicating when the photo was to be taken.
We always work hard as a team to be there for the picture, and something went wrong.  

Left to Right: Gene Kath, Mary Parcheta
Missing: Andrea Bonde, Dan Dahring, Lezley Johansen, Lisa Rambol, Jen Thorkildson, Mark Thorkildson

Photos by: Brian Johnson


Andrea Bonde

Andrea is holding up her award for being the fastest racer on our team.  She also races in the morning and has been recognized as the fastest racer in the entire morning league.  She's our captain elect for next year.  As an undergraduate, she raced on the University of Minnesota race team, and is completing her Master's degree in soil science the spring.  She's only 23 and that’s quite an accomplishment to be that young and hold a Master’s degree. 

  Dan Dahring

After a year's absence,  Dan was able to return to our team and we're very happy he's back.  He posted some very impressive times this season and helped  keep us in the middle of the standings.   


Lezley Johansen

Lezley races on both our Wednesday and Sunday teams.  As you can see from the picture, she has done very well in both leagues.  She also competed in the nationals winning the Gold in her division.




Gene Kath

Gene only has one chance each week to ski with his wife Marsha, and that’s on Sunday before and after the race.  We didn't have a chance for a fresh picture of them but last year's will do just as nicely.  Gene’s a very gifted skier, winning seven platinum metals.  Wife Marsha is a great skier and a fun person to have at our team table.

Mary Parcheta

Mary Parcheta  on the podium for the awards ceremony at the NASTAR  nationals held this year in Aspen Colorado.  Mary's holding hands with Marsha Carlson from Buck Hill who took the gold this year.  There is an interloper from Park City Utah who scored in-between them with Mary winning the bronze.  Marsha and ULLR Sylvia Scott are teammates on the Buck Naked team that races against the Raiders every Wednesday.  This is Mary's 10th year in a row to stand on the podium at the nationals.


Lisa Rambol

Lisa has the best smile of anyone in the entire league.  Besides being a very skilled racer, she’s mistress of ceremonies for the awards ceremony at the end of each race.  A very dedicated racer, the only time she's ever missing is when she's off with the rest of the ladies to the ULLR Fest in Breckenridge Colorado.





Jen Thorkildson

Jen's the one in the blue, it’s such a great picture it just had to be included.  Jen and Mark have been co-captains of the team for last two years and now it's time to give them a rest.  Andrea Bonde will take over as captain and Dan Dahring has volunteered to be co-captain; we haven't told him he's volunteered yet, but it will be okay.




Mark Thorkildson

By the end of the Ski season, this is the way Mark's pockets look.  Besides having to buy four full season tickets for Vail, he’s also got the condo payments, four season tickets for Wild Mountain, and four race league entry fees - two for Wednesday and two for Sunday.  On top of that Madi and Joey have skied hard all day, and they need hot chocolate.



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Updated 04/19/2013