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2011-2012 Racing Team Photos

Raiders of the Lost Fjord

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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Front Row: 669 Jen Thorkildson, 668 Lee Erickson, 666 Lezley Johansen

Back Row: 690 Jim Habeck, 663 Erl Erlandson, 664 Daniel Rymer, 662 Torch Dorn, 665 Mark Thorkildson, 691 Dell Fystrom, Brian Johnson

Photos by: Brian Johnson

662 Torch Dorn

Poor Torch, this picture is from two years ago. Last year he couldn't race because of a blood clot in his leg, and this year while we were taking pictures he's in the ski patrol office being told he has to go to the emergency room for a checkup after having experienced what is likely the most total yard sale in the history of the ULLR ski club.   Torch was in the process of going for his fifth gold medal of the season when something went wrong on the third gate from the bottom, not only did he lose both skis and both poles, he went sliding face down, head first, unconscious right between the gate polls shattering both of them and tearing the flag. Torch is one ornery character; when he regained consciousness he demanded his skis and poles so he could go to the top and take his second run.   But this was not going to happen because, one, Torch didn't know where the chair lift was, and two because Jen Thorkildson had Torch by one arm and the ski patrol lady had Torch by the other arm and I was behind him as we wobbled him off to the ski patrol office.   Torch’s fall was so scary that the racer on the other course skied out of his racecourse and forfeited his run when he went to Torch’s aid.


668 Lee Erickson

One of the neatest things of all was when Lee decided to join our team.   Lee is one of the fastest racers in the league, and an expert in beer drinking.


663 Erl Erlandson

Erl’s been captain for many years and does a conscientious job, recording all our times after each race.   Erl was in the start house and watched Torch Dorn go down in what Erl knew to be a very poor snow conditions.   After Torch was removed from the course Erl had to find the courage to race down the hill.


691 Dell Fystrom

Before I started trying to write something about each racer I e-mailed everybody on both teams asking for them to make a comment about themselves.   Only Dell was kind enough to reply, and here's what he says about himself

Brian, thanks for your work on this picture matter.  I don't have a  blurb I am proud of but here goes: Dell Fystrom - This year he shot his age for the first time at Phalen golf course in late September of 2011, but at skiing this year his performance was lackluster at best -7 silvers last year and only 3 silvers this year (2012).


690 Jim Habeck

Jim's wearing his traditional Red Hat (I checked back through three years of pictures and it’s always on his head).   Jim is one of our most dedicated racers.   Unless he's out West skiing, he has been to every morning clinic since the league was organized somewhere back in the 90s.


666 Lezley Johansen

Co-captain Lezley and Jen raced together in high school and have been friends for many years.   She and Torch Dorn are neighbors out in Dayton.   When Lezley was asked to be co-captain she did a semi-panic and called Jen quickly to ask her what the responsibilities and did Jen feel she be qualified for the job.   That tells you a lot about Lezley, a very conscientious person who feels responsibility for the rest of the team and always wants to do her best.


664 Daniel Rymer

Dan has the best of all worlds; he has fun racing in the afternoon, and then has to wait for Sylvia as she races on her evening team.   That’s just perfect for Dan because its happy hour from the time the first race ends until his second race begins.   Thankfully he doesn't race the second race because after lots of beer we’d have to fish his pieces out of the woods after every race.




669 Jen Thorkildson

665 Mark Thorkildson

Besides being the fastest racers on our Wednesday team, they are co-captains of our Sunday team.   A serious racing/skiing family.  Both children Madi & Joey race, and last year Jen talked Mark into buying a condo in Edwards so the family could ski out West whenever they wished.   She didn't tell Mark at the time but that meant they had to buy four full season passes for the Vail group.   The condo has lots of uses besides family skiing; it also became a ladies' retreat when it was time for the annual ULLR Fest in Breckenridge.




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Updated 05/02/2012