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2011-2012 Racing Team Photos

Foggy Goggles

Coordinator: Brian Johnson
Photos by: Brian Johnson

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(L-R): 565 Lezley Johansen, 561 Jenny Frost, 568 Lisa Rambol, 569 Gene Kath, 567 Jen Thorkildson,

566 Mark Thorkildson, 560 Mary Parcheta, 563 Bruce Bonde, 562 Andrea Bonde

Not Shown: 564 Sara Ronholm



562 Andrea Bonde

563 Bruce Bonde

This is the first time we've ever had a father daughter combination on our team.   They're the two fastest skiers, with handicaps in the mid-teens.   Andrea may have a handicap a 1/2 percentage point faster, but, because of the handicapping, her dad always gets platinum and she gets gold.   This frustrates her a little bit, but she and her dad are very close and they enjoy the gentle competition.  Andrea is working on her Masters in soil science at the U of M.  She works as a graduate assistant. Andrea also raced for the University of Minnesota.   Her dad is enjoying his first year of retirement by skiing and biking.


561 Jenny Frost

Jenny Frost is a new member on our team.  A great skier, but she'd never raced before.  She did a super job of learning, and qualified for nationals in the bronze the division.   Even though she skis at Wild Mtn, she made time to go to Buck Hill for the morning race clinic on Wednesday.   She's one of the four ladies that sneakily skipped a race to go to the ULLR Fest out Breckenridge.   Jenny is a perfect fit for our team; her mother celebrated her 60th birthday the day before the last race and Jenny threw a kegger for her to celebrate.   Fortunately there was beer left in the keg and Jenny brought it for the last race on Sunday.   There is a persistent rumor that both she and Sarah rode on a float in the ULLR parade in their bikinis.  This is totally unsubstantiated, but probably true.


565 Lezley Johansen

567 Jen Thorkildson, co-captain

Friends since grade school and fellow members of the Anoka High School race team.  They are the other two skullduggerous characters that abandoned the team to go to the ULLR Fest.   It is a little bit easier for the all the ladies because Jen and Mark own a condo in Edwards where they can all stay.




569 Gene Kath

Gene Kath and his wife Marcia.   We have an individual picture of Gene, but this one has a lot more meaning to the team.   As everyone got to know each other and understand that everyone is welcome at our table.   Gene’s wife Marcia and Andrea's mom, Bruce's wife, Beth came to join us also.   Both ladies are very good skiers and they would go off and ski while their husbands and daughter were racing.


560 Mary Parcheta


568 Lisa Rambol





564 Sara Ronholm

Sara Ronholm is one of two former University of Minnesota racers on our team.  She's also one of the culprits that left us with five racers on the team one Sunday because to the ULLR Fest in Breckenridge.   Even though it was the middle of January and not warm, there is a rumor that she's one of the ladies that rode on a float in her bikini for the final parade.   Sara is 1/4 of a second away from having a handicap in the teens.





566 Mark Thorkildson, co-captain

Co-captain Mark Thorkelson holding the 10 medals won by the team that day.  Over the years everyone on the team has won so many medals that no one as a place to store many more.   Thankfully Wild Mountain will give you a pitcher of beer for 10 medals (more beer is always welcome at our table).  Mark has a bag of extra medals in case someone won a medal they wanted to keep.



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Updated 05/02/2012