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2010-2011 Racing Team Photos

Raiders of the Lost Fjord

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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(L-R): Lezley Johansen, Dell Fystrom, Torch Dorn, Jim Habeck, Future ULLR and NASTAR Silver medal winner Joey Thorkildson, Mark Thorkildson, Lee Erickson, Earl Erlandson, Future ULLR Madi Thorkelson, Jen Thorkildson, Josh Simertz, Brian Johnson

Missing: Mary Ellen Haggerty, Daniel Rymer

Photos by: Brian Johnson

Torch Dorn

When Torch was placed on a blood thinner which made it unsafe for him to race, Jen recruited Lezley to replace him.  Torch will be back next year and we're all hoping that Lezley will be able to replace Brian.


Lee Erickson

Lee gave me some very thoughtful answerers when I called him: “First thing be modest.  I like to race because it gives me an excuse to be outside in the when there is no other reason to be.  It gives me 20 to 30 seconds to clean my mind of everything - very purifying."


Erl Erlandson

Raiders team captain.  Diane tells me that among his friends Erl is known as Earl the Pearl on the slalom.  Erl is looking forward to having an 80-year-old handicap next year.  Erl has been on the team longer than Brian has records.


Dell Fystrom

Afraid that Dell lived up to his reputation of being an absent-minded professor.   We contacted him three times for some thoughts for his team caption and he forgot to call us back every time.  Dell is consistent, always there every week, and always gets a silver or gold.


Jim Habeck

Jim called me back twice to try to find some things for his team caption.  Finally gave up, the guy is just too modest.  He told me to “make up some stuff because no one ever checks the accuracy of what’s written any way.”  Truth is that over the years Jim has listened very carefully to what coach Gaylord tells him, and he does it.  Jim has improved 20 handicap points since 2002!


Mary Ellen Haggerty

Mary Ellen raced seven times and won seven silver medals.  She and I talked together trying to remember the history of the team.  Brian has records going back to 2002 but the team goes back to the mid 90’s.  Computers were just coming in then, they where not the best, and did not always have reliable input.  Mary Ellen has been on the team since before 2002.


Lezley Johansen

When Torch was placed on a blood thinner which made it unsafe for him to race, Jen recruited Lezley to replace him.  After many years of working as the assistant manger of a large department store, Lezley realized that she needed her degree to advance further, and returned to collage.  Unfortunately the economic situation is not in her favor now that she has her degree, so she was able to join us this year.  She is a super neat person and an excellent racer.   We’re all hoping that she can find a job the with a time schedule, so that she can join us next year to replace Brian.


Brian Johnson

Brian was so busy taking everyone else’s picture he forgot to have some one take a picture of him, so you can look at last year's picture.  Brian will proudly act as coordinator for the race league next year, but, he will be taking a year off from racing to have his knees replaced.


Daniel Rymer

Yes it’s True.  When at Tahoe, Dan and Sylvia raced down the hill together, and Dan Won.  The feat was verified by several reliable ULLR witnesses.  It was an even start and fair race.  You can ask Dan how he did it.


Jen Thorkildson

Raiders Co-captain  Jen is a super recruiter for our teams.  Last year she recruited childhood friend and fellow Anoka H.S. race team member Sara Rohnholm to replace the injured Lyle Johnson.  This year when the Hipsags felt they could not compete, she recruited her sister-in-law Lisa Rambol to join the team, and when Torch could not compete she recruited another childhood friend and ski team member Lezley Johansen to replace Torch.  Jen still likes to tweak all the other racers by wearing her Carhartt farmers' overalls to the top of the race hill.


Mark Thorkildson

Mark was not drinking beer during the awards ceremony, and Brian asked "why?".  The answer was “ I have to get back to work; I have to support my wife’s bad habit.”  This was all said with a straight face.  Then he explained, “she ski races”.


Josh Simertz

Our Team Manager hard at work.




Oly Kalishson

(A.K.A. Ali Kalish)
Oly is an honorary member of the team, and, our number rooter and supporter.  He also works as Josh’s assistant.




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Updated 04/14/2011