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2009-2010 Racing Team Photos

Raiders of the Lost Fjord

Coordinator: Brian Johnson

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Jim Habeck, Dell Fystrom, Dan Rymer, Lee Erickson, King Jobson,

Mary Ellen Haggerty, Oly Kalishson, Brian Johnson, Jen Thorkildson

Bottom Row:

Erl Erlandson, Torch Dorn

Photos by: Brian Johnson

610 Jim Habeck

Always at Wednesday morning practice.  Over the years Jim has become the all time most improved skier on the team.


611 Dell Fystrom

Still wearing his golf shoes year around, Dell is a consistent silver medal winner.  He is our absent minded professor, and one day we’re convinced he’ll forget and show up at the start house using a pair of golf clubs instead of his ski poles.


612 Mary Ellen Haggerty

Mary Ellen selected the name for our team.  We were driving down 35W heading for Buck Hill.  Brian was reading a list of possible names and when he hit the Raiders of the Lost Fjord she laughed so hard we were on the shoulder about a foot away from the ditch.  That decided it!  We had a name for our team.


613 Erl Erlandson

Our team captain.  Earl has qualified for nationals every year he’s been on the team.  He is at the top of his age division.


614 Daniel Rymer

Team Co-captain and our happy hour expert.  He hasn’t figured out a way to beat Sylvia down the hill yet, but he keeps on trying.


615 King Jobson

Another consistent qualifier for nationals,  If we have sunshine, King is always there for a silver or gold medal.


616 Torch Dorn

Third fastest on the team.  Torch gives many many hours to the handicapped program at Highland hills.  He also has his pilot's license and it’s alleged that one day he actually buzzed the start house at Buck Hill.  But that’s totally unsubstantiated.


617 Brian Johnson

The ghost of last years injuries and subsequent surgery cost Brian from .2 to .5 seconds all year long.  But he was determined to ski through it and by the end of the season things were getting better.


618 Lee Erickson

Lee is still the envy of the league with his two piece G.S. suit.  He and Jen Thorkildson share honors for being the fastest on the team.  Lee also competes in the master's program.


619 Jen Thorkildson

It was the third race of the season and Jen shows up at the top of the hill wearing a pair of brown Carhart farmers bib overhauls.  This is definitely not the way you show up for a race at Buck Hill.  She gave a big smile to everyone, and unzipped the coveralls to show off her brand new thousand-dollar G.S race suit.  Jen was fifth at Nationals last year.


Team Manager Josh Simertz

Besides being our number one rooter Josh is a tremendous help to the team.  Seems like there is always something forgotten in a car or something that is not going right with the equipment, and Josh is always there for us.


Cheerleader Ali Kalish

An honorary member of the team, Ali gives us tremendous support during the season.

Photos by: Jerry Schuster

Mary Ellen Heggerty


Brian Johnson


Dan Rymer


Erl Erlandson


Jen Thoklildson


Jim Habeck


King Jobson


Lee Erickson


Torch Dorn


Raceing has sunk to a low level


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Updated 04/08/2010