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2008-2009 Racing Team Photos

Raiders of the Lost Fjord

Coordinator: Brian Johnson
Photos by: Brian Johnson

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Kneeling (L-R):

Torch Dorn, Co-captain Karen Clarke, Josh Simertz

Back Row (L-R):

Brian Johnson, King Jobson, Jim Habeck, Dan Rymer, Lee Erickson,

Oly Kalishson, Dell Fystrom, Mary Ellen Haggerty, Captain Erl Erlandson


Erl Erlandson

Team Captain Earl is our leader.  His quiet unassuming presence is a comfort to us all.  This year he again dominates his age division.


Dell Fystrom

One day this really fancy bag of golf clubs was hanging on the ski rack outside the chalet.  We had to gently tell Dell to put his clubs back in the car and bring out his skis.  Dell is one of our strongest racers with a year of silver medals to his credit.


Karen Clarke

Co- Captain Karen has only raced for two years, she’s qualified for the NASTAR Nationals both years. This year she’s two tenths of a second faster than Mary Ellen to become the fastest lady on the team.


Jim Habeck

Everyone on the team is dedicated, but, perhaps Jim a fraction more than most.  With the exception of western trips he’s never missed a morning practice.  A silver medal winner each week.


King Jobson

Thankfully Kings cataract surgery went well and he can see the course again!  King has been with the team since its beginning.


Dan Rymer

Dan has the best of all worlds.  He’s much improved from his beginning year, and he’s discovered an everlasting happy hour between his afternoon race and Sylvia’s evening race.


Mary Ellen Haggerty

As far back as we can find records Mary Ellen has qualified for the NASTAR Nationals every year she has raced.


Torch Dorn & Brian Johnson

The week before this picture was taken Brian caught an edge and took a trip over the top of the 5' safety fence and wound up hanging upside down with his boot entangled in the top of the fence.  While everyone looked on in shock only Torch had the presence of mind to come to the rescue and untangle the boot.  The fence did not fare well and the next week the race staff had a special presentation of the broken pole and some of the other pieces to the character on the right.


Lee Erickson

Lee is the fastest racer on the team with a 23.61 handicap.  His new two piece GS suit is the envy of the league.  Lee also races in the Masters League.


Josh Simertz

Thankfully Josh is always there to help the team.  He’s our number one cheer leader!


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