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2008-2009 Racing Team Photos

Foggy Goggles

Coordinator: Brian Johnson
Photos by: Brian Johnson

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Dan Dahring, Co-captain Mary Parcheta, John Myaya, Mark Landwher, Captain Tom Chapin

Not Shown:

Shane and Pattie Hipsag, Lyle Johnson, Mark and Jen Thorkildson




Tom Chapin

Team Captain Tom is first in his age group with a very respectable 38.34 handicap.  Tom always qualifies for Nationals, but the family condo is in Aspen and as soon as the regular season is over the entire family heads out there and won’t be seen again until the water ski season starts.


Jennifer & Mark Thorkildson

Jennifer and Mark joined our team this year.  We told them about the Wednesday clinics at Buck and sure enough the next week they where there.  Gaylord is a master coach, and even though Mark had never raced before and Jenn had not since high school, they both qualified for Nationals.  Mark took a Bronze in his division, amazing for a first year racer.


John Myaya

John’s a incredibly gifted racer with a 9.24 handicap.  Fastest on the team, his handicap is three points faster than the pace setter.




Lyle Johnson & Brian

Lyle’s 15.72 handicap puts him in the elite group of skiers at the very top.  He’s a super good sport and forgave Brian for putting his "Double D" award on the ULLR website.  Lyle is also a 30 year member of the Wild Mountain Ski Patrol.


Mark Landwehr

Mark is very active in the Wild Mountain Ski Patrol.  As soon as the race is over it seems like he’s always called to aid a downed skier.  This picture is three years old; every time we try for a new picture he’s off with the ski patrol.


Dan Dahring

Dan had never raced before joining our team this year.  But racing quickly got in his blood.  Dan’s holding the award for being the most improved for the week.  By the end of the season he had retired his fifteen year old skis and found himself a fitted helmet.




Patti Hipsag

Patti found tremendous courage to overcome her career ending injuries of last year.  She has to wear a knee brace that’s bigger than her car.  She’s within two tenth’s of a second of the pace setter and is the fastest lady on the team.


Shane Hipsag

One of the hardest working members of our team.  His 13.84 handicap puts him a tenth of a second behind the pace setter.


Mary Parcheta

Somewhere between coaching the Stillwater High School Ski Team, winning two National Champion water ski titles at Bakersfield California, and being president of University Women, Mary found time to sneak in her second consecutive NASTAR National Championship at Steamboat Springs this year.



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