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January 11, 2009


Taylors Falls , MN


Lyle Johnson DD Award

Coordinator: Brian Johnson
Photo by: Brian Johnson

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ULLR Foggy Goggle Lyle Johnson earns the coveted Double-D award!

Race Report From Brian Johnson

Sunday at Wild Mountain

I had to do a re-run and lined up opposite Lyle Johnson in the start house.  Rule of thumb is that you always let the better racer go first to avoid the possibility of a collision in the narrow part of the course.  I waved for Lyle to go first.

As I took my stance I and glanced over to see if he was clear.  All of a sudden there's Lyle going down the hill head first, flat on his belly, wiping out gates as he went.  I just cringed, I thought that for sure he was leaving Wild in an ambulance, but when he stopped sliding I saw him roll over and thankfully start to laugh.

One ski was a couple of gates ahead of him but I couldn't see the other ski anywhere.  Finally I found the other ski, still in the start house sitting proudly at the edge of the gate!  When Lyle did his start, his force was so great he actually pushed himself out of his right ski.

Unfortunately for Lyle, that was second DNF (Did Not Finish) of the day which earned him the coveted Double-D award.



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