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2007-2008 Racing Team Photos

Raiders of the Lost Fjord

Coordinator: Brian Johnson
Photos by: Brian Johnson

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(L-R): 665 King Jobson, 661 Dell Fystrom, 668 Bill Lamb, 660 Jim Habeck, 669 Karen Clarke, Josh Simertz, 662 Mary Ellen Haggerty, 663 Erl Erlandson, 666 Torch Dorn, 664 Dan Rymer, 667 Brian Johnson


660 Jim Habeck


661 Dell Fystrom


662 Mary Ellen Haggerty

Over the years there is no question that Jim is the most improved racer on her team. He started out getting I did it pins (Which is known as getting lead) when he first started racing. This year Jim has been a consistent silver medal winner, and now is only75/100 all of a second away from the gold. The race league, has not kept year-to-year records, but we strongly suspect that Jim may be one of the most improved racers ever to ski at Buck Hill.   Avid golfer, Dell always wears his spiked golf shoes when he doesn’t have his ski boots on. Thankfully, he hasn’t figured out how to play golf in Minnesota if there is more than 6 inches of snow on the ground. But having his doctorate in physics he might just do that, and then we’ll never see him again.   Mary Ellen is first in her age division, and overjoyed to no longer be only woman on the team.  She has qualified for nationals every year for the last several years.

663 Erl Erlandson


664 Dan Rymer


665 King Jobson

Erl and Bill Lamb dominate their age division. Earl is number one and Bill is number two. Earl is also a team captain.


Sylvia Scott taught Dan how to ski two years ago, and before he had really had a chance to learn skiing she had already entered him on our race team. It’s only Dan’s second year of racing but Co-captain Dan qualified for nationals on the Wild Mountain team.


Really great news! King’s cataract surgery was successful. Next year he actually be able to see the race course and low light conditions won’t prevent him from racing. King has been on the team since the very beginning.


666 Torch Dorn


667 Brian Johnson


668 Bill Lamb

His 42 handicap is the best on the team. Besides joining our race team, torch also joined our ski club. Even though many of us have known torch for a lot of years. No one knows his real first name.


Brian returned to racing after a year off to re-organize his brain. He takes care of all the paperwork and finances for both teams.


Long time ULLR racer Bill returned to racing this year. He and Erl dominate their age group.


669 Karen Clarke


Josh Simertz

This is Karen’s first year of racing. She came out one morning to join us for practice and really liked it. So she raced that afternoon and did a very nice job. Jim Henn could only fill in for Jerry Schuster for the first three races so naturally we asked her to join us. She did a really great job finishing sixth in her division.


Josh has been out team manager for many years, we count on him for his help, and the encouragement he gives us.



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