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2007-2008 Racing Team Photos

Foggy Goggles

Coordinator: Brian Johnson
Photos by: Brian Johnson

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(L-R): 200 Sylvia Scott, 209 Pattie Hipsag, 205 Mary Parcheta, 204 Amelia Clabots, 208 Mark Landwehr, 203 Lyle Johnson, 206 Tom Chapin, 202 Sara Bauer, 207 Shane Hipsag, 201 Daniel Rymer.  Not shown: 209 John Myaya


No Photo

200 Sylvia Scott


201 Daniel Rymer


202 Sara Bauer

At the time we are taking all our photographs, Sylvia was out west skiing for three weeks, and a backup photograph was not available for her. Dan Rymer talked Sylvia into joining our Sunday afternoon team and we’re sure thankful. She talked the team into going to the State Meet. Besides racing Sundays with the Foggy Goggles, She races Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday evening, and Thursday afternoon, at Buck Hill


After racing the last two years with the Raiders, Dan decided to see what Wild Mountain was all about. So he sweet talked Sylvia into joining the team with him. Wild is a far different hill, he enjoyed the experience and also qualified for Nationals.


Sarah got to be on the podium at state twice this year. She was recognized as the third fastest woman in our division, and came back the second time, when the entire team took second place. Sarah admitted that once in a while she gets a sore neck carrying around all the metals she’s won.


203 Lyle Johnson


204 Amelia Clabots


205 Mary Parcheta

Lyle joined our team last year. He is a 33-year veteran of the Wild Mountain ski patrol. His daughter Jessie, now in college, raced on the Forest Lake the High School team. She comes on Sundays to give her dad pointers. But Dad doesn’t really need any pointers. He’s a super racer.


Amelia’s holding the trophy she was awarded for being the most improved lady skier in the entire league. She is a very accomplished racer, and for a top level skier to make that much improvement in a single season is astonishing. Amelia never gets tired of buying fancy new GS suits. She and Patty formed a new team - the Pinky Pies - this year for the family league. An all ladies team, they all purchased pink GS suits.


Mary has had a very good year. First she won the national water ski championships at Bakersfield California, then she won the NASTAR championship at Steamboat Springs Colorado. She can’t make our awards banquet this year because she has to be at the Saint Paul Hotel making her acceptance speech as the newly elected president of the American Association of University women.


206 Tom Chapin


207 Shane Hipsag


208 Mark Landwehr

Tom and John Myaya led us to second place in State with their platinum metals. Ski racing is a family thing for the Chapin family with Tom’s daughter Evelyn, son Paul, and granddaughter all racing on different teams during the week.


Poor Shane. Patti and Amelia wouldn’t let him on the Pinky Pies because he’s a guy. But that’s okay because he wasn’t sure how he’d look in a pink GS suit. Shane spent a good part of the season taking care of Patty. Shane is the fastest on the team with a handicap of 12.99.


Mark’s another longtime member of the Wild Mountain ski patrol. Thankfully, he and Lyle were at the top of the hill to immediately bring the ski patrol toboggan to Patti when she went down. You couldn’t want a more skilled pair of patrollers to take care of someone when they’re injured.


209 John Myaya




209 Pattie Hipsag

John joined our team as a replacement for Patty and has agreed to become a permanent member of our team. He helped us take second at State with his platinum medal. Besides adding Sunday to his racing schedule he races with Sylvia on Guys and Dolls Wednesday afternoon. John is second fastest racer on the team with a handicap of 13.72. He, Shane, and Lyle, are less than 75/100 of a second apart.


I asked Patty, what she wanted for her team picture, and naturally this is what she chose. She destroyed seven things in her knee. When she went to see the surgeon for the first time he asked her which ones did she want to fix with surgery, and which ones would they let heal their own. Patty is a real competitor, and we just hope her knee will be healed enough so she can be skiing with us again next year. Even though she only had the chance to race three times, she is the fastest lady on the team.



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