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2006-2007 Racing Season


Burnsville, MN


Raiders of the Lost Fjord Team

Updated 04/02/2007

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660 Jim Habeck


661 Dell Fystrom & Fan

Jim is a very quiet member of our team who always turns in a good performance.  Jim’s always there for practice to every Wednesday morning and has improved greatly over the years.    

662 Mary Ellen Haggerty


663 Erl Erlandson

Poor Mary Ellen, she’s the only lady on the Raiders.  Thankfully Guys and Dolls racers Sylvia Scott and Sarah Bauer come over to our table and give her moral support. Mary Ellen is the top racer in her age group.   Team captain Earl Erlandson.  Earl leads the league in the 75 to 79 age group.

664 Dan Rymers


665 David Lyons

Dan is not only new to our team but is also a beginning skier.  He learned to ski just last year with Sylvia Scott as his tutor and instructor.  He’s learning with every race, and doing a super job.   David is also one of our original racers going back to the early days at Highland.  He was on the original team along with King Jobson.

666 Rick Adams


667 King Jobson

Rick is the fastest racer on our team.  He’s a retired Naval aviator who flew with the blue Angels for several years.  He spends the summer racing his catamaran in Penscola and his winter skiing.   King is second fastest to Earl in the 75 to 79 age group.  He and David Lyons go back to the very formation of the race team when we just had one team Highland Hills.

668 Paul Shervey


669 Jerry Schuster

Paul is the second fastest member of our team, and has found himself a new girlfriend.   Jerry is new to our team, a very accomplished skier.  He is quickly learning the art of racing.


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