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2006-2007 Racing Season


Taylors Falls, MN


Foggy Goggles Team

Updated 04/04/2007

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(R-L): 200 Graham Brown

& 206 Tom Chapin


201 Matt Stark


Graham is team captain.  We got to meet Graham and wife Bonnie at our banquet last year.  Graham spends his summer racing Porsches in Europe.

Tom is the senior member of our race teams and leads the league in the 80 to 85 division.  Tom is team Co-Captain, and has agreed to take on the responsibility for the 2008 season.  He races against his son Paul and Mary’s husband Jack who are on the wild bunch.  In the morning he races with the Brewskis and races against his daughter Evelyn, son-in-law Mark, and son Paul who all race on the bald eagle flyers.  Back in 1947-48 Thomas along with other engineering students at the University of Minnesota sat down and planned our ski club.  His thinking and wisdom are part of the reason why our ski club is still a viable organization 60 years later.

  Matt put his racing career on hold to attend the University of Minnesota.  Last year he found just enough time to join us on Sunday.  Matt’s very shy about his educational goals.  But, some day we suspect we’ll find what he is actually studying at the University.

202 Sara Bauer


203 Lyle Johnson

Thankfully Sara has recovered from her broken tibia, and is back with the team stronger than ever.  Besides racing with the foggy Goggles she races with the Bald Eagle Flyers Sunday morning, and on Wednesday she races with Tom Chapen’s daughter Evelyn on Guys and Dolls.  We're still trying to figure out who is standing next to her.

  Lyle is new to our team this year.  He is a 32 year veteran of the wild Mountain ski patrol having served as every Saturday for 32 years.

204 Amelia Clabots


205 Mary Parcheta

Last year was Amelia’s first year to race since she graduated from high school.  This year she has brand-new GS suit.  Her times have gone down amazingly over the last two years.   Besides racing with the Goggles, Mary races with Josie and the pussycats.  She is the head downhill ski coach for Stillwater High School.  Last year she took her team to State with the girls finishing second and the boys finishing third.  This year the state meet is still coming but the girl’s team will be there!  She races against her husband Jack, who races with the wild Bunch.

(L-R): 207 Shane Hipsag

& 209 Patti Hipsag


208 Mark Landwehr


Shane and Patti are showing off their brand-new GS suits.  Besides racing on Sunday with the Goggles, Shane and Patti race Wednesday night with the Madd Dog Racers.  Patti has taken over responsibilities for organizing race teams for the Joe Raucher Memorial Race to be held on March 10th.  The Raucher is a major fund raiser for the American Cancer Society.   Mark had a lot of fun racing down the hill in his pirate costume.  Mark is a very dedicated racer and also a dedicated member of the Wild Mountain Ski Patrol.  A couple of times he was so busy with the ski patrol that he barely had time to join our team for the race.


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